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It’s all YOUR fault!!!!…

It’s weird how people can easily blame others for their mistakes!!! To come right to your face and tell you that what happened to them was YOUR fault!!! I mean how can be blamed for something you don’t even know about?

A friend of mine, knew this guys years ago, and things didn’t work out (typical), they moved in, and life goes in. For the past 18 months she never heard from the guy, but surprise surprise, she called me from back home to tell me that to day she received a cal from the guy, and he sounded like crap, he was telling her that she is the best thing happened to him in his life, she was the one to be, and he let her go, blah blah blah…Turns out, the guy got married, and have a son, but moths ago he separated from his wife as things wasn’t working out the way he wished for, and guess what?? He was blaming her for his marriage failure!!! It’s her fault, he was thinking about her all the time, he never forgot her for a second, he had to settle down with the first one he met after her, and things were bad, he was accusing her of ruining his life.

God… some people can be really weird…


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  1. Qabbani says:

    yeah its her fault , cuz she know such a guy who cant tell his feel right ,
    and weak enough to destroy his life , cuz HE CANT MANAGE thins PASS things PAST and never back ,

    there’s a lot like him when they failed in something ,they are so so great to find an excuse ,and blame other

    بتعرفي هدول الناس برفعو ضغتي , بجن منن انه شو مشان حضرتك اجدب و ما عم تعرف تعيش حياتك , و بتلاقي بجي لعمد الحأ عليك من سنتين طلبت منك وانته رفضك , او مدري شو ..

    بعدين يا ريتني رديت عليكي 😦 😦 بخصوص السمك صار عندي انفجار زيتي بالمطبخ وصل للسقف

  2. fi3lan enu wi2e7!
    he’s a loser…she must be happy they broke up

  3. Sam says:

    yeh for a while i got that from my ex…it is my fault that he married a girl he barley knew and things are not working out…it is pretty pathetic! and so annoying!

  4. Marissai says:

    Unfortunately I know a guy like that… the more far away they are, the better!
    It’s someone who will never take responsibility for anything he does in his life.
    She’s really happy that they broke up!

  5. unknown says:

    how could she be the best thing that happened to him and in the same time he accusing her to be the reason behind his marriage corruption this means that she is not the best thing happened to him

  6. Sel3 says:

    how stupid he is.

  7. ola says:

    Nothing gets on my nerve like reactive attitude! Being proactive is the essence of getting on with life… If she could move on with her life, why shouldn’t he?

  8. bara2 says:

    wala esheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    majnoooon hada wela majnoon??
    give me his phone no. badaberlo 7ajez jana7 kamel be mostashfa elf7ees ..
    foooo2 ma enta tarekha w he t7amalat bo3dak kaman raje3 tlomha … ???????? hai a3’rab 2eesa basma3ha hada el2osboo3 😛 ba36eha no. ONE bela monaze3 😛

  9. Na3ouri says:

    الله يعين كل واحد على عقله
    و الحمدلله انها خلصت منه بما انه هاي طريقة تفكيره و حسبته للامور

  10. vagueraz says:

    o0ps , really bad

    she was infront of him 4 a years or whatever, then he left her
    then he called her back to blam her !!!!!! unbeliavable !!!!
    he is a looser !!!!
    She is lucky cuz she is not with him

  11. u said is easier to blame others than to admit that we made a mistake…

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