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I don’t think I’m the best one to discuss this matter, since I haven’t experienced it yet, but after seeing some “Angry” people, and others “lost” , I decided to go ahead and write about it and god help me to do this right.

The issues that bloggers had been talking about lately really got me thinking, “what really makes a marriage happy?” … I spend the whole afternoon trying to put this post together, I tried so hard to set this list, so guys your input is more than welcome to this list, is will be constantly updated.

1. Saying “I Love You” works. Say it as often as you want.

2. Remember, the more you give is the more you get.

3. Do not ignore yourself. Looking good for each other makes you want to be closer emotionally and physically.

4. Never yell at each other unless the house is on fire. Learn to explain your angry feelings decently.

5. Exchange gifts for no reason once in a while.

6. Go out alone at least once a month. If you have small kids, leave them with a friend, family or a sitter.

7. Create fun evenings, play silly games or read comics together.

8. Surprise your spouse by doing something special and unexpected.

9. Show affection and be liberal with your hugs and kisses. These small actions demonstrate the love inside you.

10. Neglect the whole world rather than each other.

11. Give each other a massage. Use massage oils, candlelight and soft music.

12. Never bring up issues from the past. Discuss one subject at a time.

13. Forget your ego. Don’t wait for your partner to initiate something.

14. When you make a mistake, be ready to admit it and ask for forgiveness.

15. Try to be each other’s soul mate.

16. If you have to criticize, do it lovingly.

17. Don’t take each other for granted. Be generous with compliments like “You are great!”, “good food”, “Hi Handsome” etc.

18. Go to the park for long walks, hand in hand.

19. Say it! Don’t imagine your partner knows how you feel. He/she is not a god

20. Remembering how to communicate with each other. Share your dreams of the future, your day-to-day thoughts; let your partner share in your business successes and your failures.

21. Keep your relationship a number one priority. If you don’t take care of it, it can’t take care of you. Make time for each other.

22. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t hold a grudge. If you have an issue, talk about it after you have had some time to cool down. If you feel that you have been insulted or your feelings have been hurt, let your partner know.

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  1. mala2e6 says:

    كل هدا و ما عندك خبرة

    يعني نصائح ذهبية

    اتمنى انه يجي الوقت و تلاقي الشخص المناسب اللي تطبقي علية كل هالحكي

    رح يكون انسان سعيد لانه ارتبط ببنت فهمانة

  2. summer says:

    Maioush!!! mish ma32oul!! like mala2e6 said, all of this and you have NO experience?? you will make a great wife!! Yalla shabab….move into the right direction.
    i would add to number one, “1. Saying “I Love You” works. Say it as often as you want.” i would say saying I love you is not enough if you do not mean it from the heart!
    wonderful post…is this an answer to Kinzi’s marriage tag?

  3. She used to say all of that, and more.

  4. kinziblogs says:

    Maioushka habbeebit ‘albi, inti zakiya! Ma azkaki, what delights await your husband to have a wife so committed to his best! Summer said it best “yella, ya shabaab!”

    Thanks for this investment of time and energy. I knew the marriage posts would benefit the nearly-marrieds, but to think it caused some singles to think further is a greater joy for me.

    #16 I would use a different word than criticise, or maybe ‘constructive criticism’, very fine line there.

  5. nice post and points Maioush…dunno if u read Sam’s post about the same subject, that was so touching too 🙂

  6. Qabbani says:


    ya 5abeeera 2nti 🙂

  7. Isam says:

    u r a hopeless romantic maioush … same as me … but i think these things are not all what it takes … alot of other aspects must be observed … but a very good post indeed … these things would spice up a married couple life …

  8. Mnosh says:

    a5 ya romanceyeh enti :hug:

    ideal family life 😀 inshallah u’ll have one soon 😉

  9. hamede says:

    Good post.

  10. afaf says:

    Bravo mai…nice one here…

  11. Maioush says:

    LOOOOOOOOL allah yese3dek ya rab 😀 a5jalti tawado3na aneseti 🙂

    Yes you are right, meaning it from the hearts what makes it so special.
    Thank you really, kanarteeli rasi 😀 .. if anybody tagged me for this I guess this would be the answer 😀

    Angry Husband:
    Maaaaaaaaan…seriously??? What she was faking it or what? I don’t get it!!

    LOOOOOOOOOOL you and summer are funny 😀
    I’m glad you liked the post, and yeah, everybody is talking about it, so it made me really think

    Lakan 😉

    Yeah sure, I’m not trying to over simplify things, those are just some tips I thought the both partners can use to make their marriage life do smoother and happier

    Allah yese3dek ya rab :kiss:
    Inshalla 7abeebti b 7ayatek 😀

    Thanks man 🙂

    Thanks my dear 😀 .. glad you liked it

  12. Jasim says:

    Well, I couldn’t agree any more 😀

  13. Nasher says:

    sweetest Mai; keefek dear? longtime without checking ur website, thought u check ur email more frequent but even u do . . dear friend ” MAI”, sorry for that, ,I know this is a site for comments. .but I don’t have such one. .u still perfect as I always know u. . ur post also is perfect. . bt32dee 🙂
    u still far, me too. but u still here in my mind.
    keep holding the warmness of the friendship deep in my heart, never forgeting such a friend. . never forgetting Mai.

  14. Maioush says:

    🙂 Thanks buddy

    I’m so sorry my dear for not replying to your emails, it’s just that I never got a chance; I didn’t mean to ignore you or anything.
    Thanks for all the sweet words, that was so nice of you to say that about me.. you’re such a good friend…
    I’m glad you liked the post as well 🙂

  15. summer says:

    What is the story with the post with a special password? which password do i provide?? i want to read!! 🙂

  16. Jumana says:

    very nice post Mai…but I will add that your soul should be 100% with each other.. other wise you will loose the base of the relation and then nothing will work.

  17. mohanned says:

    bel3arabi el jeezeh mlee7a lal nas elli btefham…

  18. i agree with summer..which password do we have to provide?
    i didn’t accept my blog’s one 😦

  19. Na3ouri says:

    نصائح رائعة
    و يا ريت الكل يطبقها

    شكراً 🙂

  20. Manal says:

    sho bil nesbeh la password!!

  21. Maioush says:

    I’m sorry about that post, I wish I can give any passwords.. inshalla when it’s the right time I’ll publish it

    So true, they have to each others soul mates… glad you like it

    LOOOOOOOOOOL welcome to Maioush buddy bema enha wal marra bet3ale2 3endi… yeah I guess that’s the bottom line 😀

    Oriental Arabesque:
    I will publish it in the right time inshalla…

    Hey buddy.. long time no see 🙂 .. glad you like it

    LOOOOOL eash benesbeh 🙂 … I promise I’ll do something about it

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