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صابر الرباعي… عالطاير

I’ve been a way for a long time now, more than a week, and I promised myself, when I write something it will be special, well guess what? I’m back with a new song for my best singer after Fadel Shaker…3a-Tayer: is a new song for SaberAL-Roba3i

This is my favorite song in his new CD, I couldn’t wait until he shoots a video for the song, so added the old clip with the new song because I really want to share with you guys, I hope you’ll like it…

Maioush is back, with Saber AL-Roba3i’s new hit … enjoy 😉

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  1. mala2e6 says:


    و احلى رجعه

    كتير بحب صابر الرباعي و الاغنية حلوة كتير

    صباحك سكر

  2. Hi Maioush,

    i found out about ur blog through the arabexpats, i read many of ur posts so far and i really enjoyed them. liked ur style, ur sweet soul and thoughts not to mention ur love to arabic music 🙂
    i adore arabic music and Fadel Shaker is my favorite ever 🙂

    take care

  3. Maioush says:

    Ya 3omri enti, allah yes3ed albek, walahi miss you kteer ya benet.
    The song is just great..
    Saba7ek a7la mn el ward 🙂

    Oriental Arabesque:
    Oh my god.. I’m so flattered.,. really.
    This too much for me, what you said is so sweet, and I visited you blog, and frankly I was shocked when I saw a link for my blog in your blogroll … jad ana mo7rajeh, you are just so sweet 🙂
    I’m glad that you are enjoying what you are reading; hope I will always be as good as you expect me to be 🙂

  4. Thanx Maioush (btw, my mom’s name is Mai too..well she’s officially Maria by everyone just calls her Mai..another reason for me to like

    well seriously ana ma kteer ba3ref jamel so i just said what i felt 🙂

    btw, i allowed myself to copy some parts of ur post:
    Be Grateful for the Love YOU’RE giving… posted: April 19, 2007 and i forwarded it to a friend, it’s amazing how when i read this input i felt like i was reading my own thoughts and feelings…
    i needed to deliver the subject u triggered and found ur input so handy and expressive (couldn’t have said it better myself)
    of course i didn’t claim i wrote this, so don’t worry 7oqoq el nasher ma7fooza..:D but u just have the right to know

    God i talk a lot!

  5. Maioush says:

    3ala 7sabek ya setti, walahi kabarteeli rasi bel 7aki el 7elo ya benti (since I have you mom’s name 😀 ) I’m really speechless right now (which is extremely rare for me to be speechless if you ask me 🙂 ) but I’m really glad that you liked that much, walahi rafa3teeli ma3naweyati, jad yeslamo 😳

  6. Mnosh says:

    betra2es :dance:

    thx for sharing :hug:

  7. Qabbani says:

    thanks for sharing 😀

    nice one .. by the way how’s ur work ??

  8. Sel3 says:

    the music is nice. what i like about this guy is that he is conservative when compared to other singers we see these days, bas enshala ma enakesni bas yetla3 el clip. welcome back

  9. afaf says:

    mai, how do u get rotana clips…???whenever i try to download something it wouldnot let me..i guess i have high protection on my pc….so many spyware….

  10. Maioush says:

    Ella betra2es:D… yalla eidek 3ala 7afleh 😉

    Glad you liked it.. work is great 3o2bal 3end 7babak 🙂

    Thank you my dear, yeah Saber is great and he is the best singers around 🙂

    You can get all the clips from , all you have to do is register and you are ready to go 🙂 , they have all the new clips and all the new Cd’s .. Enjoy my dear 🙂

  11. saber is more than great…i love him the mist

  12. maioush says:

    Miss Sea Lover:
    isn’t he great.. 🙂
    his voice touches me right in the heart …

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