Dance like no one is watching, Blog like no one is reading

Tentative Steps..

Foolish imaginations.

Tumultuous thoughts.

Confusion reigns.

Two souls connect, but to what end?

What is expected?

Drawn to each other, yet not.

What is this I feel?

Flirtatious moment, or appreciation of heart, mind and values?

A rush of jealousy.

A momentary pang.

Laughter from another source.

I watch, my mind racing forward.

What am I thinking?

Too soon, too far.. my conscience calls out.

But my eyes watch for you.

Am I being too bold, speaking as this?

Or not clear enough.

Do I capture the moment, or tread cautiously on

and risk missing the time?

I know not.

the answers escape me.

my thoughts dance before me.


Filed under: Thoughts

3 Responses

  1. Qabbani says:

    “my thoughts dance before me”

    i can see that

  2. Who-sane says:

    Can we have the English version now?

  3. Isam says:

    I swear to God if u lived inside my head … u couldnt have described whats going on better …

    This Is SPOOKY !!!!!

    am ,,,, aaaaah … I am genuinely scared right now !

    Oh and Happy birthday …

    and I am form Kufur Ra3e (Chforra3i) … and i know Maythaloun (May-thaloon) and propably i’ve been there once … i cant really remember …

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