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الله يحميك

يا حبيبي عم صلي

تبقى بعمري تحلي

تسلملي هالطلة

 روح الله يحميك

أنا ما عندي إلا

إنت حياتي كلا

يانعمة من الله

روح الله يحميك

لك روح.. روح.. روح الله يحميك

I knew it…. I knew it… I knew it… I knew it’s going to be about the whole family, there is no other way, it makes sense, Roo7 Allah Ye7meek 🙂 … I was thinking about “At7adda el 3alam” and how it made me cry.. his pregnant wife, “o howi kan 3aleah 7eneyyeh b had el clip mooooo taba3eyyeh.. ya laaaaaaaaahwiiiiii” that was one wonderful clip.. and now this!!! Ana ra7 ymawetni had el zalameh b 7eneyto… 🙂

I loved the song since day one, it means a lot to me, I was telling everybody about it, everybody I know knows how I crazy I am about this song… I have as a ring tone on my cell, I have the song on my IPod, and every single CD I have, I just have to have where ever I go … LOVE IT ….

God I get goose pumps every time o gear it… ENJOY everybody 🙂


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17 Responses

  1. bara2 says:

    this song is great …wallahe b7ebha kter .. romanceyeeeeeeeeee 3la el25er ..
    i enjot it …

  2. Jumana says:

    I like the familt thing in that song…my son loves too

  3. Mnosh says:

    I like it too, it was 3’er shkil 3n el3’nane ele bal , 7abet fikret el3eleh , how cute they r 🙂

  4. Qabbani says:

    awal mara bsma3ha

  5. Sam says:

    that is a great song..i have not heard it before…i just downloaded it into my mp3:) thank u:)

  6. noura says:

    I think you are a big music fan like me .. I don’t know why though it didn’t give “saber” a chance ?? This song is beautiful…I was just litening to Rami Sabri, he’s not bad either..:)

  7. God knows how much I cried hearing this song …
    I wake up to it every morning …. God I just wish I could be like Saber in the clip one day

  8. Sel3 says:

    when it was first released i was still in Amman and my boss used to play it on his PC all day long for one complete month!!! janani gad ma seme3ha but it is nice.

  9. Maioush says:

    I love this song too.. I spent the last couple of days making a mix out of it.. I made a version that’s even more romantic than the original 🙂

    Sa7??? Ana motet 3aleaha jad betjanen, ana aslant ba7eb el song o hala2 sort a7ebha aktar Kaman 😀

    7araaaaaaaam 3aleak!!!!

    Never heard it before??? Lah lah lah , it came July.06 … since then I baceme crazy about it… it’s my song wherever I go… it’s just amazing .. I swear it makes me cry

    I’m not a music fan… I’m a music Freak 😀 LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    You can’t be around me without music playing in the background :D… I’m really bad… MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC all over 😀 .. rami sabry is really good, he is still new, but I believe he will be something one day, it’s a matter of time 🙂

    Za3altni 3aleak ya Samer…. Walahi you made me cry with this comment alllah yet3amak bent el 7alal elii temla 3aleak 7ayatak … it reminds me of you any way … I know how much you liked it the first time you heard it… it still gives me goose pumps hearing it … Allah Ye7meek

    Your boss befhaaaaaaaaam 😀 .. I’m still playing it every day from last July 😀 …
    Walahi enha nice 😉

  10. noura says:

    YAY..YAY.. Am so happy that am not the only music freak, now am encouraged to confess that I am as bad as you..this is so funny 🙂
    whatever makes us happy, right ??

  11. Qabbani says:

    7aram 3aleki la7alek 😛

  12. whosane says:

    I’m not a great fan of Sabir Al Roba3i, maybe it’s his wide forehead :-/

  13. ta2e3 says:

    looooooooooooool, mesh tabi3i tare2et ta3beerek 3n 7obbek lal song……… :):):):)

  14. Hala says:

    OMG I love him 😳

    He is always really passionate. Do you remember her last video clip? Agmal nesa2 el donya, gowwa 3yoonek enti … They are always great!

    Just listen the words *hearts*

  15. Maioush says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOL… you are a music freak too?? 😀 … I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one 😉 … I wrote a post about it you can check it out here

    Ma enta sadamtn enak ma bte3af el song !!! mo ma32ool ma sme3et Allah ye7meek

    Come on man… Saber has a great voice … and his style of singing is just great .. my advice.. give him a chance and I’m sure you’ll love him

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL maho Kaman 3aleah 7eneyyeh mo tabe3eyeh 😀 … jad ra7 ymawetni ad ma a’3aneeh 7elweh jad 😀

    Allaaaaaaaaaaah 3aleaki ya Hala… yeah Agmal Nesa2 El Donya .. hadi bardo kanat damaaaaaaaaaaaar… Saber and Fadel are my favorites …

  16. abdo says:

    ana abdo mini lmaghrib ba7ibi amer diab wi rami sabri

  17. abdo says:

    momkin nichouf rami wi amer diab fi déwito homa litnine

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