Dance like no one is watching, Blog like no one is reading

High Expectations…

You’ve spent so much time planning.

Let yourself fall…

Messing up…that’s what makes a person, that’s how we learn.

You enjoy things the most when you don’t see it coming, when you don’t expect it.


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7 Responses

  1. hamede says:

    3azamah 3ala 3azamah ya 7ajja.

  2. bara2 says:

    u can’t live without planning .. but keep ureyes straight forward .. use ur eyes to see each directon .. so u won’t break ur neck looking to high .. or fall coz u don’t see the road …

  3. Qabbani says:

    الزايد اخو الناقص

    تخطيط اكتير مزعج و عدمه مشكلة و الواحد حلو يتعلم من كيسو و كيس غيرو كمان

    في اشياء بتصير و منحبها انها تجي على غفلة و هيك فجأة نلائيها صارت ادامنا بدون ما نعمل حساب او نفكر انه هاد الشي مكتوب علينا
    الحياة مستمرة

  4. Sel3 says:

    bala ta5teet bala ham kef ma ajat teje.

  5. Dima says:

    very true.. if you keep on waiting for something, then it would never happen! enjoy life and stop wishing for it.. it would happen evenually and when you least expect it!

  6. Jasim says:

    I guess..

  7. Hala says:

    So it is okay that I messed up? Big time though!

    3anjad it feels like 3’altet el shater bi alf 😐

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