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I’m not mad; I’m not upset, I’m not angry…. But why the hell people start acting like experts when it comes to relationships???Everyone has something to say, everyone has an advice to tell you “although you never asked for it, never even talked about it” but still you still have to listen to every single word they say because “you don’t know what best for you” or “you don’t know what you are doing”… YEEEEEEEEEEEE… KHALAS MSHAAAAAAAAAAAAN ALLAH KHALAS…

I think at a certain point we should be responsible for our decisions, and have the right to do what we think it’s right (AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T EFFECT OR HURT ANYBODY ELSE)…  but will that stop them from talking and keep pushing??? Of course not!!!

What’s worse is that when you try to deliver your message “politely” , and tell them that you don’t want to talk about it, they get mad at you like you did a crime or something!!! And will accuse you of being stubborn for the sake of it, and you never listen, and dadadadadadadadada…. OOOOOOOOOOOOR when you tell them what you think, and that you are ok and that you don’t feel that something wrong going on, you will be “WEIRD”, or worse.. you will be accused of being “IN DENIAL” … what the hell… are you setting in my head??? Sometimes I don’t even understand myself, and I don’t really know what’s goes in that brain of mine, I would say something and disagree with myself the next day!! And now you are telling me that you know me better than I know myself???? Whatever!!!

Ok… I’m weird, and I’m happy with it, being weird doesn’t bother me… and the people I’m dealing are ok with it too… why do you keep pushing and pushing and pushing???


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  1. Qabbani says:

    Wallah al 3azem i didt push any thing ,

    ba3deen , its like my posts 😛 lama yetl3 5el2i . wanna it in Arabic 😛
    يعني عنجد سئاله بتلاقي الكل فهمان , و الكل رأوي صح , انه هيك احسن , بتجي بتأولي لحدا و 123 , برد عليكي لاااا له يازلمة هي لازم 231 اريح ألك ؟؟ ايي شو مشان تجي تعد محلي و تئضي و تنهي على فهمك انته , لعمى و الله قصة , كل خبير و كلو مجرب ,

    خديها قاعدة , كل واحد عألو براسو بيعرف خلاصو , لا تردي على حدا اذا ما كنتي مرتاحة 100% لحكين , ولا تاخدي عليه , حتى لو كان صح الواحد حلو يتعلم من كيسو ..
    غريبة عجيبة , مدري شلون بتفكر ما حدا اخو مرائك , ويلي مو عاجبة عنده حيط 2 3 , او الشاشة ادامو …

    take care

  2. hamede says:

    Welcome to the weirdos club.

  3. kinziblogs says:

    Bless you, Mai! :S

  4. mala2e6 says:


    when others advise you its because maybe they have been through this before you and they want to spare you the trouble of going through this

    each one of us has his/her own experiances and it is hard to shut up and share when u see a friend in need..maybe some go too far with their advice..but i think they mean well

    tez3aleesh..and what i wrote is not an advice and i am not telling you what to do and i am not doing anything..bashrab ahweh..teshrabi?

  5. Dima says:

    just commenting on this would make me sound like a relationship expert.. hahahahahah cheer up, people always have something to say, and most of the times they say things that they can’t even do! So as to make themselves appear to be strong yet they’re far away from it.

  6. Jasim says:

    Well here is the thing, what I like at some people that they would offer you an advise only if you asked for it.
    I think all of us should act this way.

    BUT some people, the so called experts, they give you the advise whether you asked for it or not. Try and be easy on them, they only trying to help.

    Aw sawi zay ma ana basawi, ba5ali ye7kili el nasee7a o kolshi o ana ba2ollo 2ah mazboot sa7 elli bti7ki, o bus yroo7 bakoon ibn kalb iza barod 3alaih 😀

  7. Isam says:

    tab dont u think eno some people (not all) do it out of pure care and love towards you ?? or ur not talking abt those people ??

    And How am I gonna know who knows what on this freaking island ?

  8. Sam says:

    of course everyone who has been in a relationship is an every situation is the same. bas at least u do not have people trying to draw a grim disgusting picture of how your relationship will be in few years, well because theirs turned out that way..blachhhhhhhhhhh….

  9. Noura says:

    Do what my brother does: He listens, nod and agree and thank the person who is given him the advice with a big smile, and promiss that may be he will take it to heart and actually do it.. Once he turns his back he does whatever he wanted to do to begin with…Now everybody says that he has the best personality, Allah yhani, and me because I can’t do it like him, am the bad apple with a short temper…It’s all about being a politician 🙂

  10. The relationship experts! says:

    the relationship expert will never give u any more advice!!,u will go through ur beautiful experience without being bothered by stupid CARE from the wt u called “poeple” around u!!!
    u said something every body realise its true….”i think at a certain point we should be responsible for our decisions”…,of course u could b responsible for ur decision as long as u already DECIDED!!!
    believe me ur gona be relieved….dont worry!

  11. Jumana says:

    I left u a comment before but it didn’t appear…this wordpress is 2lil zoa2 🙂

    I liked that updated part.

  12. 7aki Fadi says:

    I read this when you first posted it and now come back again and sorry to say this but lol for the update :). Did you piss off your friends? Cos there is this one angry comment up there.

  13. Maioush says:

    Heak fekrak!!!

    Walahi it does sound like you when you are mad my friend… LOOOOOOOL but I don’t usually sound like that 😀

    Hala 3ammi 🙂

    Bless you too my dear.. you are so sweet

    Allah yes3ed albek ya Mala2e6… I know that there is a lot of people really cares and all they want is for me to be ok… and I really appreciate that. But as they say “kol wa7ad bet3allam mn keeso” .. no matter what others tell you, you will go through it (at least that’s me).. especially when it comes to this “gray” area.. there is no right and wrong.. you know what I mean.

    Exactly… they say stuff they don’t even do… ::sigh::

    LOOOOOOOL .. ya3leak 😀 .. well, her eis the thing, I can’t shut up, I wish I can, that would save me from getting others mad at me …

    I know some people means good.. and some really love you and wants the best for you, but I’m not talking about those people.. I’m talking about those who jumps up from nowhere, and they don’t’ really know you as much, and starts criticizing you and giving you advices about what you should and shouldn’t do… just freakin nosy…

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah … they start telling you that “if you keep going where you’re going, you’ll be screwed.. this will never work.. It will end up like this and that” .. like averybody is the same!!!

    Political.. yeah right!! Me??? No way.. I wish 🙂
    Sometimes I try to control myself and not to comment and just node, but that doesn’t last for long… I just can’t

    The Relationship Expert:
    I have no idea how did you jump to this conclusion… it’s NOT about you, and I did NOT mean you in any way!!!!
    I don’t know the way you think!!! To be honest.. I’m disappointed, this was suppose to be a general matter, and I didn’t mean someone in particular.
    Looks like you didn’t understand the concept of this post… as much as I’m convinced that I don’t have to explain what I wrote “especially to you” but I’m telling you, it’s NOT about you.. and it never will.. RELAX

    i’m sorry about WP my dear, i told you before.. it’s the UAE IP address.. i keep approving but still :S.. sorry dear

    7aki Fadi:
    Yeah.. Somebody got pissed of.. he thought I meant him.. but honest to god I didn’t…
    I have no idea why somebody can take so personal like this!!!
    Walahi I was talking in general.. I didn’t mean anybody form the people who cares about me… I’m really disappointed for being misunderstood 😦

  14. 7aki Fadi says:

    Mai, it’s OK I am sure your friend will understand eventually, that’s what real friends do 🙂

  15. noura says:

    Nothing will cheer you up like Fadl Shaker ..

  16. ta2e3 says:

    but you know what!?!?! try to listen and see if what they are talking about is right or wrong, because sometimes, others may see things from a different point of view which might help… so try not to be so stubborn, may be they know something better than you.. so it’s always good to listen… o bel a5eer (you’ll do what’s looks better for you)
    bs raww2i:P
    i liked how you wrote the title in red, as if it a warning.. ka2no elli befta7 tommo bkelmeh ya wailo


  17. Sel3 says:

    I was hear, I read this, I don’t have an opinion, I am no expert in any thing, I don’t give advises about any thing, I’m out of here.

  18. Maioush says:

    7aki Fadi:
    Yeah.. I guess he will…

    Allah yese3dek.. thank you .. that was great.. I looooooooove Fadel Shaker

    I listen… and I understand their point of view as well… but I’m not stubborn!! Sometimes I am when I know that I’m doing the right thing, but I’m not stubborn because I feel like it 🙂
    Thank you very much dear, I appreciate that … glad you liked the red warning.. I put it because some people around me misunderstood me 😦

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL .. ta7sheesh jad 😀

  19. […] forcing myself not to write about this matter so I won’t get in trouble like I once did in previous post, but I don’t care about what other people thing, enough is enough!!!I’ve been dealing […]

  20. ramos says:

    i dont knw hat is this all about but its oky i will never do anything

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