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عم اكذب عليكي

I’m sure that not a lot of you knows these “mawaweel” for Wael Kfouri… I was trying for the past few hours to upload it and play it directly from my blog, unfortunately and for some reason, it didn’t work… so I decided to add it from 6arab’s link…

My favorite is the first one… it’s just.. so … different

Enjoy 🙂

عم اكذب عليكي

موعود فيها

من بعد الف نهار


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6 Responses

  1. Isam says:

    walaaaaaaawwwwwwww walaw sho t3’ayyar be eddene o 3eshret el maaadi sawaaaa ….
    wel shaytanee wel waldaneee 3a 3’afleee daaaaaa3 el haaawaaaaa …

    :6arban 3al a5er:

    i used to like Wael before he picked his eyebrows …

  2. Isam says:

    Ops … sorry that was from “ma sadda2t 3yoone” … his mawal from Arreb Layye album which is also a very nice mawwal !!! link here

  3. Sel3 says:

    ya Allah ya maioush!!!!!!!! i remember those 3aib 3aleke, they are so nice, like Isam said 2abel my yna2eb 7awajbo

  4. Jumana says:

    I didn’t hear them before..thanks 4 sharing

  5. Jumana says:

    I didn’t hear them before…thanks 4 sharing

  6. Na3ouri says:

    جميلين جداً .. تسلم ايديكي
    هذا الزلمة برأيي المتواضع بزمناتو كان احسن بكثير من الايام هاي
    حالياً صاير مايع زيادة عن اللزوم

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