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Behave at the gym… follow the etiquette!!!

In a perfect world everyone would use common sense and be naturally thoughtful of others 100% of the time but, unfortunately, we live in a real world… not a perfect one!Oh my.

That’s what I was saying to myself at the gym the other day as I was waiting…and waiting…and waiting for the chest press machine because someone decided to do a million sets and didn’t want to share ::Sigh::

Anytime you smush groups of sweaty people together in small spaces, there are bound to be some problems and, though there may not be rules posted around the gym for how to act, there are some unspoken rules that all of us should be familiar with, whether we’re veteran exercisers or we’re just starting out.

The Basics

While it’s perfectly acceptable to sweat, grunt and make mean faces while working out, there are a few behaviors that aren’t acceptable.

Based on other’s comments I hear in my gym every session, I feel it’s a good idea for gym users (new and old) to refresh their memories. Some of these points people may disagree with, but if you are aware of them, apply common sense and stay mindful of them then you’ll help to make your training environment a happier place to be.

1. Share.

If you’re doing multiple sets on a machine, it’s common courtesy to let others work in during your rest periods…this may not always be practical, but offer to share whenever you can.

2. Clean up After Yourself.

My biggest pet peeve is someone who walks away from a machine, leaving a slimy pool of sweat behind…Thanks! Always bring the invention called towel with you and wipe the machines down when you’re finished. People would rather not use their own towel to wipe off another person’s sweat

3. Leave no trace.

My next biggest pet peeve is the person who leaves six million pounds on the leg press machine and walks away. I don’t know…maybe I look stronger than I am. The point is, when you’re using a plate-loaded machine, be sure to put your  plates away when you’re finished.

4. Don’t hog.

Do not sit on equipment you are not using (especially if it’s busy), and PLEASE Do NOT hog equipment by spending unnecessary time chatting too long between or after sets (especially if you are using equipment that there is only one of). Many gyms have time limits on cardio machines during busy hours. There’s a reason for that, and you should obey it. And no, throwing your towel over the display doesn’t fool me!

5. Keep it down.

Most gym-goers I know have seen That Guy. The one pumping away on the treadmill while screaming into a cell phone. Unless it’s an emergency, save your chat-time for after your workouts.

6. Don’t drop the weights.
While a gym is not a church, do try to respect the peace and quiet of your fellow members. Don’t drop weights from a high elevation for no reason. You certainly don’t want the elderly gentlemen on the treadmill to slip and fall because he thinks Armageddon is here.

7. Let them finish.

Do not interrupt people mid-set by talking to them or asking a question. Wait until they have finished the set (this happens to me quite a lot)

8. Stay away.

Do not move too near people when they are lifting as it can be very distracting having someone walking right behind you when you are deadlifting

9. Ask before you use.

Do ask if people are finished with equipment once they have got up. Try not to assume they have, and defiantly Do not just move equipment that has just been left alone for a moment. Check to see if it’s finished with first (they may have just gone to get a drink of water or some more paper to wipe down equipment with)


Do not, if not needed, have your mobile phone on. It is very distracting having phones going off in a gym every 5 minutes then people talking really loudly above the music to be heard. If you’re not expecting an urgent call then leave it in your locker

11. Hygiene people HYGIENE.

Do ensure you maintain your personal hygiene. It’s not nice for others to smell your two weeks old training shirt that you’ve been sweating in every day

And finally … Be polite as much as possible!!!

As you can see, this is not rocket science but basic common sense and respect for others. At the end of the day, it’s very easy to pay our fee and take the gym for granted. We just need to remember that it is not only ourselves that train there.

Happy lifting folks! 🙂


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10 Responses

  1. Adel says:

    i agree, but using cell phones in gyms should NOT be a problem. it’s not lectures, funerals, or prayers.

  2. nido says:

    According to my experience, # 1 & # 5 do not exist at the gyms back home! It’s a good list, but…ya rait kolna ntabbi2:) enjoy curves:)

  3. Sam says:

    i have to say the people at my gym are great..and we have spray bottles and towels all over the workout area…and 99% of the people use it..there are the odd ones that do not …i have not seen anyone bring their cell phone to the workout area..although i could careless since i have my headphone on and cant hear a thing….yesterday i had to wait for a machine..i guess my gym is pretty going to miss when i move…i wonder how amman gyms are…

  4. bara2 says:

    this is agood list … but tell me plz if anyone just follow it ..
    people do what they want .. the never stick to any rule ..
    a7san 7al?? don’t go to the gym…:P just kidding .. ro7e w enbes6e w 5odene m3ake kaman loooooooool 😛

  5. bara2 says:

    منشان الله هادا الدب التحت الي بيلحق الفراشة وجعلي راسي … شو مالك عليه؟؟ ليه معاقبتيه .. الو من مبارح وهو يلحقها وهي تهرب منو .. انا معجبة بإرادتو وتصميمو … تعلمو منو يا جماعة

  6. Jasim says:

    Ana biddi araye7 rasi o ma 2aroo7 3al gym min assaso 😀

  7. bara2 says:

    وين راح الدب المثابر؟؟ شلتيه؟؟ الله يسامحك … شلتيه قبل ما يمسك الفراشة ؟؟

  8. Maioush says:

    Yeah that’s true its not, but I meant people who use it in a vary annoying way.
    I mean why on earth would you run on the treadmill and screaming your lungs out because the music is so loud and they want to be heard…. And what are they talking about “NOTHING” .. it can wait 30 minutes or so….

    Yeah.. ya reat, thatks dear 😉

    Good for you 😀 .. I’m glad they are. But looks like the “odd” people are a little bit more than Canada 🙂 ..
    Amman gyms are nice the last time a checked 🙂 .. (that was more than 2 years ago), you’ll enjoy it 🙂

    Walahi elek masla7a teeji ma3i 3ala el gym 😀 .. I’m a fun partner 😉 …

    Bara2 #2:
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL el dabdoob 3emelek azmeh 😀 hehehehe .. mothaber yekhzi el 3ean 3aleah 😀 ….

    LOOOOOOOOOOL howi arya7lak :d

    Bara2 #3:
    Walahi shelto mshan ma yesra3 rasek … 7aram z3elt 3aleaki 😀

  9. Red Rose says:

    One more thing to add..pls don’t show off your meat by wearing tiny not because it does not look nice when you are very fatt becuse your sweat sticks to the abdominal machine!! it’s from the seats are from leather and I couldn’t use it after you..aw3!! mn 2illeh talla2t el clubs bel talateh! 🙂

  10. sumana says:

    plz do not wear any kind of make up while workin out… it looks very foolish and plz wear clothes which are only meant for gyms… sme ll good and take your own water bottles.

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