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Last night I enjoyed watching the full moon (actually tonight is the 100% full moon, yesterday was 99%). The room was beautiful, I had candles everywhere in all colors, flowers on my night stand, my favorite music was playing in the background it was a mystical magical time, the full moon was shining down on me.

I don’t know why do I love full moon that much, it’s one of the things that makes me naturally high, and at the same time; it’s one of the things that makes me think the most!!

This is definitely an intense full moon, and I’m busy riding the wave of emotion it brings with it. It’s not always enjoyable to see things as they truly are, but sometimes it brings remarkable clarity.  For me personally, I have trouble trusting my intuition and messages that I am given, and this last few months, I have been given many.  My whole life has made a huge turn, and some days I hardly know myself.  Sometimes this clarity can be welcome as it can take away illusions, but also the doubts that can eat away at our ability to move forward.

This is the truth or dare Full Moon; a time to honor the transformative power of truth-telling and a very intense Full Moon to put into action (through ritual release) the goals you set at the New Moon in Aries. Since this Full Moon falls in a water sign, releasing your intentions near a stream, river, lake, or ocean is particularly powerful. But before you let go, have one last look at your goals. Whom do they truly serve? What will they bring to the world? Gemini seeks deep truth by peeling back layers of lies and half-truths-within us and without us. This is a Full Moon… to see things as they truly are, not as you wish them to be.


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11 Responses

  1. Dima says:

    Are you a Gemini too? :$

  2. Jasim says:

    That is good, it really is.
    Well I really liked your rituals when the moon is full, but about seeking the truth, I don’t know if I can relate to that, for I am a Scorpio.

  3. Manal says:

    i think you wrote once before about full moon, am i right? though i read it 4 times i didn’t understand it, i will reread it

  4. Na3ouri says:

    اذا في سبب ممكن يخليني افكر اجيب كاميرا افضل من كاميرتي الحالية فهو القمر لما يكون مكتمل
    انا بس اشوفو مكتمل بلتخم و مستعد لو كنت بالسيارة اوقف على جنب الطريق و اتفرج عليه

  5. ta2e3 says:

    ya 3ainy 3la el jaww elli 3amelteeeeh.:):):):):):) aih da kullo.. nice post

  6. Noura says:

    I was here before and was about to tell about a Gemini I once knew 😉 I left before saying anything I might regret later 😀

    Anyways, Make everynight a full moon night..Gemini are know to be very sensitive but very moody, are you ??

  7. Noura says:

    I forgot to thank you for your words of support..that was nice of you..thanks,it meant a lot.

  8. Sel3 says:

    I just came back, I was out with friends walking on the beach and the moon is full! it is so nice, relaxing, and the sound of waves hitting the shore! magical I’d say!

  9. Maioush says:

    YES YES YES 😀 … is that a bad thing 😦 ?

    Scorpio is even worse than Gimini when it comes to seeking for the truth, but again “kathaba el monajemmoon walaw sadaqo” 🙂

    I LOOOOOOOOOVE THE FULL MOON … I write about it almost every month, I celebrate it 😀 .. it’s my 3eid 🙂 … I’m sorry you couldn’t understand it honey 😦 …

    I knooooooooooow… isn’t it gorgeous 😀 .. god .. I just love it …

    Keef bs 😀 ???? khateera ana 3amleh jaw la7ali .. balahi ma ana raheebeh LOOOOOOL

    You are welcome honey 🙂 .. walaw 3ala sho 3am teshkoreeni 🙂
    Yeah.. I’m very very moody, but I control myself, even when I’m in a bad mood, I don’t really show it 🙂 (as much as I can) .. that is a problem I have to get rid of

    ::sigh:: wow, I got high just by imagining it 😀 … lucky you .. that is amazing

  10. redrose says:

    El full moon marka musajalleh la Maioush..yesterday wallahi 2ult now Mioush is in her perfect mood watching her silver love:) I liked it too much also especially when it is “2amar el 7assadenn/ 27/9” bekun a2rab wa2t 3al 2ard o very big..2ab el 2i3tidal el shitwi.. I think your saughter name is gonna be 2amar..right?

  11. Qabbani says:

    hey Mai u have been tagged 😉

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