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Maioush did a good thing today :) …

I’m so happy, I helped a friend at work today 🙂 , I can’t be any happier 😀 .One of my coworkers just moved to a new apartment, and poor girl she has been always struggling financially, I mean she lives all by herself, a single mom for 2 wonderful boys, and she has been raised in a foster home herself, and I was feeling really bad for her, I wish I can do anything to help without making her feel bad, or hurt her feelings if you know what I mean!

So… I took advantage of the fact that she just moved to this new apartment, and I started collecting money for her so we can give it to her as a gift for the new house 🙂 .. non of my coworkers liked the idea in the beginning, but as usual, I don’t take no for an answer (ya lahwi sho banno2 😀 ) … if there is something I can do to help, or if there is something you need to do for you own good, I won’t leave you alone until you do it, I know it sounds pretty annoying, but do it out of love walahi 🙂

So any way, I was able to convince everybody to participate  😀 … and guess how much I was able to collect … $785 YAAAAAAAAAAAY .. this is great, I mean it’s not a big number, but the pharmacy department is such a small department, and I managed to collect that much. Of money, I’m so happy 😀 …

I’ll give it to her tomorrow as a gift credit card 😀 … I hope she’ll be happy… I’m soooooo excited … I was ablt to do something good today … god that makes me feel wonderful.. 😀

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14 Responses

  1. Sel3 says:

    so nice of you, it gives a great feeling doing such things

  2. nido says:

    Of course she’ll be happy! No matter how small the amount is…she’ll feel good that there are still good ppl around! Good job Maioush…Im proud of you:D

  3. Jasim says:

    Allah yesam7ik tayeb o ana makel hawa financially, I don’t have a car, 3am baroo7 o baji mashi.. 😦 I mean I am not asking much, a Mercedes-Benz would do :shy:

    lool 😀

    It’s really a nice thing what you did, if everyone acts like you, then the world would be a better place to live in.

  4. ta2e3 says:

    ma a7sanek, good for you :):).. enna2 to something useful is great, so keef enna2:):):)

  5. Red Rose says:

    wow Maioush this was great..not only the amount you raised with your friends, the idea to help her and make her happy and to lend other’s a hand ..I think she is very happy to have such a friend like you..

  6. Isam says:

    Good Job … and i know it came from a good heart …

    but i really wouldnt consider blogging abt it … not with that much details … i know am a pain in the behind but its really not apporpriate …

    sorry …

  7. 7aki Fadi says:

    Good for you, that’s a big amount.

    Hope she likes it , sometimes people just kinda feel offended when someone helps them like that.

  8. bara2 says:

    how lovely … e7kele shu beser m3ake ..
    this is wonderful really … u don’t know how much she’ll be happy and gratful for this .. and this is not a small amoun .. this can help alot .. hope she likes it 😛
    goooooooooood for u .. lemele ana kaman 3shan elrehan el5aser balash yesterday 😦

  9. sam says:

    aw that is so sweet of u…and wow…if i was to collect something for someone at my old office, i would have been lucky to collect $100…cheapos!

  10. Maioush says:

    Yeah it does… I’m so happy for her 🙂

    Thank you my dear.. I’m proud of me too LOOOOOL .. I wanted to do something for her for a looooooong time …. I finally did 🙂

    Mercedes-Benz??? Ma3naha ana o enta bedna meen ylemelna mshan el benz my friend 😀 LOOOOOOOOOL
    And that’s exactly why o wrote this this post.. because I know that each and everyone of you guys have someone needs help.. so yalla, do something good for the people around you 🙂

    Ana emm el na22 kollo.. ya waradiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sho banno2.. malal ya3ni, fi nas bet3asseb 3alai marrat, bs you know, ma3lesh ana walahi banno22 meshanhom 🙂 .. madam ra7 tetla3 b faydeh I’ll keep on doing it.

    Red Rose:
    Yeah… that was great, I’m really happy that I could help her 🙂 .. she was really touched.. poor thing, sheis such a sweet heart.

    Allow me to say, I didn’t blog about it to show off, as I said… I’m pretty sure that each and every one of you guys have somebody would love you to do something and help. That was my purpose, for you guys to move your behind and help those people around you… because it’s possible, and everybody can do it… so please you don’t criticize me and tell me what’s appropriate and what’s not… and I don’t think I mention details that is not appropriate.

    7aki Fadi:
    Yeah, well.. I was afraid that she will be hurt or something.. she such a sweet lady, and that was our gift for her for her new apartment.. this way we made sure that she won’t misunderstand us.. 😉

    Howi enti lessa beddi ybalesh el rhan??? Yalla good luck as I said, mafi a7la mnel diet 😀 … malo akl el beat? mafi a7la menno 🙂 … ba3dean enti sho bteksabi eza kamalti el rhan?? Rahanti 3ala eshi me7rez wella heak bs?? 😀

    Yeah.. I’m really lucky with my coworkers 🙂 .. they made it.. I thought I won’t get more that $300 .. but see 😀 they did a good job …

  11. Qabbani says:

    Good more u

    Mai ana kaman bedi Car , can u help ?hehe

  12. Who-sane says:

    Maioush! that is just soooo sweeeeet! what was your colleague’s reaction? she must’ve felt so happy, no? yallah tell us 😀

    bas 3an jad Good more u 😛

  13. Isam says:

    Mai : u got me all wrong …

    i didnt say u were showing off … but as Prophet Mohammad said :”Hide your Charity. Even your left hand should not know what your right hand has spent” …

    am not a shee5 or anything … bas this is a noble principle … i know if someone did somehting good with me and i read about it in a blog open to public access … i wouldnt appreciate it …

    btw … even with this u r better than than those who dont move their behinds … please dont take it personally … and as a wiseman said once : “if two people in life have the same opinions … one of them is unneccesary”

    peace …

  14. Maioush says:

    Good MORE me 😀 .. thank you very much.. yalla sawa sawa.. ta3al ne3mal jam3eyyeh LOOOOOOOL

    Oh my god she was so touched … she kept yelling “OH MY GOD” for more than 15 minutes 😀 .. I was so happy for her, she walk around and come back to hug me every 2 minutes 😀 … she is so sweet .. I’m really happy for her

    It’s not charity… it wasn’t a secret… it was a surprise .. I arranged a little meeting for everyone, and I handed it to her as a surprise for the new house.. and guess what.. I told her that I posted it on my little blog… and she was happy that the world will know how great we are..
    Believe me dear, its not personal, I’m cool .. you said something and I answered back.. no harm done 🙂

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