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Coconut and Lime… New Recipe Blog …

I’ve been looking for recipes for a while now 😀   ,there’s this recipe blog I found today (yes I look for recipes, I didn’t give up yet 🙂 .. I don’t want the guys to starve) 😀  , and I would like to share with all of you, I enjoyed it very much: Coconut and Lime. I liked reading her recipes and her thoughts on the recipes, she takes some great pictures of the food as well.

I guess that’s it for tonight, and now it’s bedtime. Tomorrow is Monday “I really hate Mondays”  I’m still sick and this night time medication is putting me to sleep like a baby… nighty night 🙂


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4 Responses

  1. bara2 says:

    ya katkota … wen mafe akel bnorkod rkad .. w b3deen bne7ke :” yeeeeeeeeeeeee nse7et 1 kg ra7 adamar ” anyway this is girls in general & me in spacific 😛
    ymmmmmm aklatha are new and the seem so yamme ..
    and about the title… don’t write one if u feel like u don’t want to think which is the case for all of us these days … WE ARE LAZY EVEN THINKING we don’t want to it 😛

  2. Qabbani says:


    wallah ya mai mom thinking to start blog , and just for food things ..

    theres a Kwuite lady post recipe in her blog , i cathc it when am try to make fish and didt find a good recipe …

    any way i like to get recipe online , i didt like 10 times but the Result is JUST FOR ME hehehe , no body can ate it …

    see ya have a nice recipe ,

  3. nido says:

    a very nice link to food recipies…i can tell by the pictures:D

  4. Maioush says:

    Shayfe be7yat allah, ma baeddi a’3eezek wala eshi bs I lost another 3lbs this week (well, most likely, it’s because I was sick and I didn’t eat anything for the past week).. bs any way, tl guys lazem yaklo bardo wella byaklooni ana ba3dean LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
    Bs jad walahi .. el 3enwan sayer 3am ye3malli 2ala2 hal ayam, I have no idea why my brain is not working the way it should.

    O ana bashajje3 mamtak 3ala blog, walahi sheklo aklat.ha taybeen kteer ye5zi el 3ean 🙂

    Yeah I know 🙂 … walahi fi sha’3lat raheebeh 3andha 🙂

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