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أخويا… يا رافع راس العيلة فوووووق

Do you remember my brother Basil?.. he is the one who graduated recently from pharmacy school from al Ahleya university.

Today we found out he has another talent besides pharmacy 😀 … he sings :D.. hehehe yeah that’s right, he wants to sing…

So here is the story:

They were in a restaurant back in Amman, his friends dared him to sing in front of everybody there, and guess what?? Aha.. he did 😀

Now here is the funny part, the restaurant manager introduce him as real singer,  a real one who is working on his first CD LOOOOOOOOOOOOL.. all the girls started taking pictures, and kids started dancing around him while singing 😀 ..

Basil is singing for Fadel Shaker my two favorite songs “ya 7aram ya Fadel” 😀 …

My brother ladies and gentlemen 😀 ….  Hehehe nahfeh had el walad 😀

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13 Responses

  1. Mawahib …. ![shutting mouth]

  2. bara2 says:

    i like these crazy things ..
    that is so fuuny and looooooooool @ the manager hada eltane nahfa .. 6ayab did u ask ur brother how did he feel for being a singer for 1 hours?? hehehehe
    3njad so nice .. tell him to keep up 😛

  3. Summer says:

    Mish battal for a dare!! although a far fetched from fadel shaker!

  4. Qabbani says:

    ِaha ,

    mesh 2oltelk ra7 yezbot ma radeti 😛

  5. noura says:

    pretty courageous I would say..I think it is liberating sometimes just to have some fun, good for him..
    by the way fadl shaker is my favorite too..

  6. sam says:

    *lol* @ “ya 7aram ya fadel”, he is not too bad 🙂

  7. Jumana says:


    Mabrook..just remember us when he becomes famous 😉

  8. nido says:

    That was in green field right?!?! hehe…well, my older sister did this once, but in kan zaman!!! that was so funnyyyy…and she really enjoyed it, so I bet yr brother did that too…he should sing saydali ya saydali next time :p Bahnneeekom jiddan:D

  9. 7aki Fadi says:

    cool, he’s not too bad 🙂

  10. nido says:

    where did my comment go?!?!:(

  11. Maioush says:

    Hada 3ala mabda2 “fal yaqol khayran aw le yaskot” ya 3leak 😀

    Yeah sme3ti el manager.. “el fana Basil.. za2fffolloooooooooooooo” LOOOOOOOOOOL la ta7sheesh ..
    O bedek yah to keep it up?? Mn kol 3a2lek??? LOOOOOOOL la 3ala heak ya3teeh alf 3afyeh 😀

    Hehehe had elli tele3 ma3o el shab.. LOOOOOOOOL 😀

    Sho howi elli yezbot? 😀 … 3ajbatni yezbot hadi 😀

    It was so much fun if you ask me 😀 LOOOOOOOOL
    Allah yese3dek , walahi enek btefhami.. you love fadel…BTEFHAMIIIIIIIIII 😀

    Hehehe .. ma ana ba7eb fadel kteer tayeb.. howi Basil allah yes3ed albo 7abbab, bs ana ba2ool 5aleh bel saydaleh a7sanllo 😉

    LOOOOOOOOOL famous yeah… 😀 , you think fi amal ya3ni? 😀

    I have no idea what is this olace 🙂 .. o saydali ya saydalai ya saydaliiiiiiii, baddi dawa elha o baddi dawa elliiiiiiiiiiii (mashalla 3anna, 3a2eleh fanneyeh e7na) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

    7aki Fadi:
    fekrek? Betla3 menno ya3ni 😀 LOOOOOOOL

    What was that IP address? They caught it as a apam, I cleared it, bs ma ba3ref sho sar sara7a :S

  12. Who-sane says:

    Not bad at all! Especially that it was a spur of the moment thing, so he wasn’t really prepared I guess. Cool stuff 🙂

  13. Na3ouri says:

    احلى مغني عالبست
    بكفي انو عندو الجرأة يعملها 🙂

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