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More than tired

This is the 3rd week in a row…Yes.. It’s been 3 weeks since the last time I got more than 2 hours of sleep in one night, a total of 12 to 13 hours of sleep a week, I usually sleep in the weekend to recharge myself for the week, but for the past weekends I wasn’t able to, and today my body started to give up on me, for the first time ever, I feel like sleeping really bad during the day, I can’t concentrate, I’m out of energy, and I’m really dizzy.

A lot of people around me were telling me that I have insomnia and I have to see a doctor about it, but you know what, it’s not like I can’t sleep, it has been always like that, for the past 5 years, I don’t sleep during weekdays, and once I decide to sleep, I would sleep for more than 12 hours (usually it’s Saturday’s and Sunday’s).

I guess I’m a little stressed out, there is too much in my head, I’m a little busy at work, as well as the house, I have few decisions I need to make, somebody around me is going through a life changing process, and I’m trying to help as much as I can, but I don’t feel it’s enough, I wish I can do more. Worse yet, I’m working a 12 hours shift today.. to be honest I don’t know if I can do it or not.

I know that the easiest thing to do is just try to relax, not to stress out, and try to lay down and sleep..  but the talking part is always easy.

I’m tired mentally and PHYSICALLY, the lack of sleep is taking me down, I feel like I need to sleep for a whole week to recharged my self.

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  1. nido says:

    Allah yi3eeenik! I just can’t understand how hard it is for someone so tired to sleep, but talking to you about it makes it really complicated:(I really hope you feel better soon! Maybe you should lower the number of songs you are listening to, or maybe their volume:p JK, just relax and take it easy…and inshallah you’ll sleep good this weekend:)

  2. hamede says:

    I get 9 hours sleep evry night.yes 9 hours.

  3. You might be suffering from sleep apnea (not enough oxygen reaching the brain) .. that is very common .. especially with people with your medical history.
    In any case, you really should see a doctor

  4. sam says:

    wow poor maioush…when i was in jordan i only got 2-3 hrs of sleep in the first 4wks i was there..and i was a walking zombi..if i do not get 7hr of sleep i cant operate 🙂 hope u can get sleep on the weekend…start coughing and say u have a fever , go home early and sleep..maybe turning the radio off might help:)

  5. Qabbani says:

    Poor Mai, well i know the feel , and this is the problem
    am used to 3-7 hour’s per day as max , some times 3 hour’s with Real sleep can give power for the whole day ..

    try to CLOSE UR MOBILE ,and ur Notebook , Ignore every thing and sleep , in any place at home , that well make the army at home know how much u tired and bring someone else to do home work 😛 at lest u get rest , about getting busy with ur friend i hope it’s worth ur health and time too ..

    yallah cheer up and lazem find time to get rest

  6. Hala says:

    Aw I am sorry to hear that 😦

    I have to get at least 5-6 hours of sleep. Otherwise, I actually will not be able to function the following day.

    You should go and see a doctor because if you say it has been happening for a while now, then you do not want it to get worse.

  7. Maioush says:

    Thank you very much dear, I hope I can sleep too 😦 … its 11:30om and I’ve been trying to sleep since 7 and still!!!

    NEYALAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK… ana ma ba7sed, ana banno2 bs … 🙂

    Somebody had been doing their homework 🙂 … SLEEP APNEA!!! Hmmm, well Apnea had different symptoms, it’s basically the relaxation of the upper muscle in the throat, it’s common if you have a narrow passage airway that’s true, but usually apnea patients don’t recognize that they woke up during the night, all what they feel usually a morning headaches, Awakening not rested in the morning… that was a close guess based on my medical history… good job Q, but I’ve been tested to that before my surgery and my throat and my passage airewar are prefect (el 7amdolla)
    Thank you very much, I sure well go to the doctor when it gets worse…

    I’m a walking Zombi right now… and guess what, I finished my 12 hours shift (god only knows how) I hope I didn’t make any mistakes, because for a job like mine, a mistake might cost me someone’s life 😦

    My Mobile?? Ra2ees el wozara 3ala asas ana mashalla 😀 .. and yeah the guys are waking me up every 30 minuted bacause they are looking for something, or can’t find another.. (allah yerda 3aleahom had o ana 2aylalhom beddi anam)

    Yeah, today my body started to crash.. I admit, I’m not functioning right any more, I’ll try to get some sleep if not I guess I’ll call my doctor on Monday

  8. Isam says:

    i dont think there is something abnormal abt it …

    i actually think that ppl who can sleep less are fortunate cuz they have longer days … they make the most of the 24 hours …

    but what u should do is maybe organize ur weekends more so u can find time to sleep …

    Thank God for Jom3a 🙂

    if the situation can be solved by some sleeping pills its ok ,,, but only once every while ,,, if u go to a doctor he will prescribe pills too ,,, so u might consider the of the shelf stuff …

    adn most important ,,, dont stress abt it and nag that u dont sleep … try to be active for one day and u will sleep well after it …

    Good Luck !

  9. Isam says:

    oooh ya 7aram u r sooo TIERED 😉

    yalla tnaam yalla tnaam … wadba7la teer el 7amam …
    roo7 ya 7amam ma tsade2 … ned7ak 3a maioush ta tnaam …
    mesho mesho el 7en da22a … sha3ra ash2ar we mna22a …
    elle be7ebek beboosek elle ba3’adek sho byetla22a …


    my mom sang this song to all of us since we were a few days old when she wanted to make us sleep … so me and my broz and sisz cant keep our eyes open when we lsn to this song … i almost dozed off just writing it 🙂

  10. afaf says:

    u know, sometimes i cannot stop my brain from thinking and that is why i simply cannot sleep, cuz my brain wont quit thinking of things i need to do…!!!
    being hyperactive is one reason for this…

  11. shema says:


    PLZ TAKE CARE,, dont do that…


  12. Jumana says:

    if it is up to me..I would take the day off and go to bed..

    lacxk of sleep is very painful

  13. Maioush says:

    Isam #1:
    So what your saying that I’m more fortunate?? Eah eza heak khear.. bs man.. for 3 weeks … seriously, I’m a walking zombie as Sam describes it .. and sleeping pilss? Hmmmm “jay tbee3 el mayeh b 7aret el sa2ayeeen LOOOOOOOOL” yeah I know what you are talking a bout .. thanks dear 🙂

    Isam #2:
    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ana 7ashashet …. Mesh heak 😀 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL fazee3 jad, la jabat nateejeh,, I took some Ambien CR and slept like a baby.. thank you very much walahi enak raheeb 😀

    That’s exactly how I feel.. my brain is nonstop working during the night, I really wish sometimes if there is an ON/OFF button in our brains, well yeah for a hyper person like me I’ve been dealing with insomnia for a long time, but not 3 weeks wit no breaks .. thanks god for some sleeping pills 🙂

    I wish my dear, I wish..

    Allah yes3ed albek ma atyabek enti… teslami ya 3omri, I’ll take care.. I enti Kaman deeri balek 3ala 7alek 🙂

  14. Sel3 says:

    take a vacation, get some relaxed time, sometimes we are tired not because of lack of sleeping or because we are physically tired, but because our brains are exhausted of thinking about many things. so just get some quality time to relax and forget about any thing. wish you all the luck.

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