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911 CALL …!!!

Today’s post was suppose to be about totally different subject, but you how things happen in the last minute.

After spending a wonderful day includes all the girly girl stuff with Fatina (cooking, makeup, hair, and shopping), to cheer me up, and to put me back in the good mood, our day ended in a very unexpected way …

Miss Yara as usual was playing her favorite game, which is playing with my phone, and pretending that she is talking to someone, she dialed 911 (god only knows how!!!)

I took the phone and put it back without noticing that she was actually TALKING… few seconds later my phone rang…

-Yes Maam we got an emergency call from this phone is everything ok?

-Emergency?? This phone, maybe by mistake, we have a kid around and she was playing with the phone, sorry about that.

-Ok, can you please give me your name and address?

-Yeah, but it’s ok everything is fine really.

– Yes, but can you give me your name and address?

-Alright I guess, my name is Mai, and my address **** (gave Fatina’s because I was there)

Few minutes later, 2 cops were at the door checking the house, and making sure that everything is fine, to be honest, I was extremely scared when I saw them at the door although I know that everything is fine, but looking at them gives me the creep…

What’s the point of this post??? NEVER LET A KID PLAYS WITH YOUR PHONE EVER AGAIN!!!! They cause trouble, big ones too… oh my god 911 is not a joke!!!

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  1. Qabbani says:


    akeed every thing ok?? yallah 7asal 5eer 🙂 LOOL bs jad mo maz7a

  2. Jasim says:

    LooooL 😀

    Well okay it’s not a joke but you have to admit it feels safe! I mean getting cops in 2 minutes in case of an emergency-la sma7 Allah-is a good thing!

  3. Hala says:

    You know I like the fact that they actually came to check things are okay. In case a child was actually calling for help, then what they did was 100% the right thing to do 🙂

  4. Isam says:

    they wouldn’t risk a one in a million chance that there could be sth wrong … they will show up anyway ….

    you could of offered them some arabic sweets of sth … in gratitude ya3ne … it will change their donutly routine 🙂

    7amdella 3al salame ….

  5. bara2 says:

    that is sooooooooooooo funny .. sorry but i can’t stop laughing .. ya it’s scary but still funny .. Yara ya mosh3’eba .. it seems that she is very cute … u know she has to do things hek aw hek .. to prove that she is a KID … 😛
    t3esho w taklo 3’erha coz this is only zekrayat from her childhood 🙂
    so God bless her ..

  6. afaf says:

    not just of 911, the other day i read an article in alrai newspaper, that a kid was playing with her dad’s cell phone, cuz mom was so busy to keep her busy with something else, so she was playing and she actually put it in her mouth…while it was in her mouth….the cell pohne rang…the poor kid had a stroke and DIED!!!
    i personally never thought that risk of a cell phone…but now i konw…
    inshalla allah be7mee el jamee3….
    even if u ring once 911, they will call u back, and if u donot answer back they will come over….!!!
    its safer this way…donot u think???

  7. 7aki Fadi says:

    Is it your cell phone? there’s is a special emergency button that when you hold it calls 911, I thinks it’s the 9 or something, call our phone company they will tell you.

    But HA HA HA HA

  8. nido says:

    Are you serious?!?! Oh my God!! When was that? after I we called each other?!?! Ahaaaa…that’s why u never called me back:p hehehheee…you were busy dealing with cops!! They scare me to hell over here…I hate them especially after watching CRASH!!!

  9. Maioush says:

    I knooooooooow, can you believe that?? Crazy walahi

    Yeah it felt good that that they were there right away, but you know what.. thank god we didn’t have argeeleh on they would think that we are high or something 😀

    You know.. I’m glad they did that too, nut man I was shacking for few minutes after they left.. why?? I still don’t know 🙂

    LOOOOOOOOOOL, sweet .. yeah right!! Yara was following them like she saw a cartoon character or something, they telling her not to play with the phone no more, and all what she did is laugh 😀

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL, walahi enno funny .. Fatina was laughing like crazy… she wa like “ya 7abeebti ya mama, jebteelna el shorta??” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL … Yara mesh bs mosha’3ebeh.. Yara 3afreeteh 😀 .. but a cute one 😀

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE… are you serious??? The kid died.. ya lateef
    And you know what… I had no idea that they will come, I thought all what they do is just check if everything is ok, and that is it… I guess I was more surprise than scared.

    7aki Fadi:
    yeah it was my cell phone, I still don’t know how did she do it, because it doesn’t show on my call log.. I have no clue what did she dial, but no more playing with my cell phone 🙂

    LOOOOOOOOL, yeah.. that was after you called, we went back home, oreoared something to eat and me and fatina were both in the kitchen when they called me back, my god you had to see our faces .. you would faint from laughing 😀

  10. menna says:

    maii, u know what i told fatina today because yara kept callin me, i told her delete my num i don’t wanna know you guys anymore!! loooool or other wise i won’t answer you phone ever again because i’ll know it is yara not u

  11. sam says:

    afaf yikes that is son loves to play with my phone but he never puts in his mouth alhamdoullah…

    this is why i do not buy the flip phones..they do not have key locks…i had to throw mine out and buy one with key locks my son loves pushing number…I just taugh my son how to dail 911…but i emphasized it is for emergencies only…im worried one day he will think it is funny and call 911…

    when we were young, i think i was about 12 and my brother was 10 , we were wrestling and playing tough (o those good old days when i was the biggest and could beat my brothers up, i was so into ww5) anyways, my brother thought it would be funny to call 911 on me, u know since i was beating him up, and the latkha actually did…i had to tell them it is my little 5yo brother playing with the one came alhamdoullah….we would have been in sooo much trouble!
    “beakher elzaman yegi elbolis 3ala beeti” my dad would yell…

  12. mala2e6 says:

    my niece who is only one was playing with my phone and she rang some people on the speed dial and i was talking(as usual) didn’t pay attention that they are there listening..this girl’s face lightens up whenever she sees a mobile and she wont accept to hold a fake one or a toy..

    this must make you feel safe and secure but don’t cry wolf a lot..they wont buy it later on

  13. afaf says:

    sam, dunno if locking the key pad will do the trick to make the cell phone safer for kids…have to be careful and make it clear the kid wouldnot play with it, it isnot a toy, PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….
    after i read that story, i tend to be careful with my cellphone…even with me playing with it….
    allah ye7mee le jamee3 inshalla

  14. 4693e82861 says:



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