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I’m An ADDICT!!!

Yes… it’s true, I have an addiction and I have to be treated from it, I’ve been trying since last October, I was cheating every once on a while, but today it was a big cheat!!!I’m a SPEEDOHOLIC!!!!

Since I got my ticket, I promised myself not to speed, for my own sake, and for my loved ones, every time a car pass me in the freeway, I would feel like following that car and pass it, I used to be the one who passes all the cars on the free way, but I tried to stop, I would exceed the speeding limit a little, but I never reached the 110 since that day.

Today while dropping W to school, I got stuck on the stupid freeway for ONE WHOLE HOUR.. Standing still, not moving AT ALL, I was looking at him and I almost yelled at him, this is your fault, if you wokeup a little earlier we wouldn’t be here, I spent more than 2 hours trying to wake him up, but every time he would say something, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t belong to any of the spoken languages on earth, seriously.. What’s with guys an sleeping!!! This a question for all the guys.. WHAT’S WITH YOU AND SLEEPING!!!!

Any way… back to the main subject here, my speeding addiction.. after being late for an hour, I dropped W at his school and drove like CRAAAAZY, 110mph aaaaaaaaaaallllllllllll the way, the car was shaking for the first time ever, but who cares, I have a morning meeting and I’m SUPER LATE ( I know it’s not an excuse, but that’s what happened).

So now where does that put me? Do I really have an addiction for speeding? Some friends around me suggested I should get a racing license and go race in one of those special clubs as a hobby, I would live to do that, but.. I don’t know.. really I don’t know.

God saved me today from a ticket, and I’m telling you, if god forbid I got one today, I’m pretty sure it would definitely be more that $2000 ticket :S …


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  1. Some people never learn ….
    Waiting to hear about your next ticket soon

  2. hamede says:

    Have your car fixed that you can,t go over 70.

  3. Maioush says:

    Ya 7aram 3aleak… I swear I’m trying Q.. I AM walahi…
    don’t wait for my next ticket.. I promise i’ll be good, I don’t want my insurance to go up .. I’m trying to be careful.

    hehehe.. no kidding 😀 is there such a thing?

  4. hamede says:


  5. sam says:

    a day in court (a whole freakin day!!!) and almost losing your licence for 6months might cure you…it sure did my husband…he was stopped going at 176km out of province in the middle of nowhere..thankfully we moved to saskatoon so we are only 2.5hrs away from the court and the whole family had to tag along in case his licence was taken away…so we were there with all these kids with speeding, drinking and driving and minor drug offences in the tiniest town in the world..this sure cured he never goest more than 10km over the speed limit..

  6. kinziblogs says:

    Habeebti Maioush, would you please stop this!! We DO want to meet you someday, ALIVE! You are not in control of your car that fast, and not only could you kill yourself, God forbid, you could kill other people (babies, children) and you would go to jail since you already have a record of unsafe speeding.

    Sam is right…the next ticket will be VERY expensive, you could lose your license, and your insurance will sky-rocket.

    (I bet now you are not happy I read your blog, 😦

    Is “W” a male family member? If he is that late, it’s his responsibility to wake-up, if he can’t do it, don’t give him a ride! It won’t take long to teach him his lesson

  7. Maioush says:

    I hope I won’t get there, I feel really bad, really, for the first time ever, I was really feeling guilty for doing it… you scared me walahi, I don’t I’ll do it again.

    Now I’m really ashamed of myself.. shame on me 😦
    Kids, and families’… yeeeeeeeee that’s bad.
    And about W, he got what he deserve, I promised him I will never wake him up more than once, if he doesn’t wakeup.. that’a it, I’m leaving.. I’m not waiting for him, today he woke up super fast.. oooooooofffffffff guys are weird :S

  8. afaf says:

    oh, mai…it is not the ticket u have to worry about, dear…it is the speed adn what could happen next, may allah forbid…believe me i am speedoholic too…but i know when to slow down…as when the car starts shaking on the highway…but i guess it snot is in ur personality…for me i can never follow anyone and if someone i ahead of me, i have to be ahead of them…so it is in me, i discovered, i have to lead and be in front of all cars…dunno about u…but if u r like that..then u must be hyperactive person too…
    good luck at learning how to slow down cuz it snot only about tickets… u know drivers here they r not that smart on the roads and u have to be aware of them…i have seen stupid and fatal accidents happen here and wonder “how did that accident happen?”…so be careful habibti…for the sake of ur family and loved ones…that is what i tell myself when i speed up and it works…most of time!!!
    beside ur auto insurance will be rocket high and maybe noone will offer u one!!! be careful, plzzzz….
    inshalla allah be7meeekeeee…

  9. afaf says:

    i just remembered, my dad once controled my gas pedal not to exceed a certain limit….it sucks really, if ur dad has to do that…but i learnt then…

  10. Maioush says:

    AFAAAAAAAAAAAF… I AM A SUPER HYPERAVTIVE PERSON!!! WOW how did you know??? Are you like that too??
    And yeah I agree with you, I feel unbelievably guilty, but seriously, these Chinese are driving crazy in California… they drive 45mph ON THE FREEWAY!!!! ‘3asben 3an elli 5alafooni I want to take the lead and PASS them, walahi tal3o 3eani, bs I promise I’ll try to be good.

  11. kinziblogs says:

    Mai, thanks for not getting mad at me for acting like a Khaalto! Shame and guilt are God’s gifts to help us change, then we DO change and can rest in the release from it! I’ll pray for you 🙂

    Yea, those folks who go 45 on the freeway are a worse traffic hazard than speeders! Call the police on them! 🙂

  12. afaf says:

    chinese???… they r ok compared to ppl here…come here and see old ppl on the highway…four weeks ago an old man remembered h wanted the exit he skipped all of sudden turn and boooooom!!!….two big trucks, one with chemicals exploded cuz of him…it was awful….so this is OLD….
    i am hyperactive too…my son too…i can never let anyone ahead of me…as if i am racing the whole world out there….i wish i can get over it…..
    good luck, and be safe plz

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