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Sorry for the super short post but what can you say about “katkoot” 🙂

I don’t like Arabic movies, and I don’t watch it, but seriously.. this one is funny 😀 , this guy is crazy LOOOOOOOL 😀

I have no clue where he gets these voices from  😀

I haven’t seen the whole movie, I only saw this part … so enjoy 😉


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6 Responses

  1. This guy is seriously a riot .. LOL … he’s got the potential to be a good singer but he prefers to be a comedian …
    LOL … this is very funny
    I think he’s going to faint or something .. he REALLY stresses himself to the limit … LOL

    I think this guy is going to die soon if he keeps doing this!

  2. 7usam says:

    i never watched this one, but if its so funny sure i will
    and you can get all this movies from down town opposite to Hishem [i am going there tonight]
    there is like 12 different store for DVDs Only 1 JOD 😀 and its crystal clear Quality

  3. noura says:

    I haven’t seen any arabic movies either in years…everynow and then I watch a little bit of “madrasat al moushaghibeen” which is funny too.

  4. Maioush says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOL, isn’t he crazy 😀
    I guess he fainted after that scene LOOOOL .. he really cracked me up 😀

    I wish I can get those CD’s you are talking about, I’m in the states man 🙂 … how am I suppose to get those 1JD CD’s 😀

    madrasat al moushaghibeen is hellariuos LOOOOOOOOOL 😀
    I memorised it, I swear I laugh before I’m suppose to because I already know what are they going to say 😀 LOOOOOOOOOOL

  5. nido says:

    Gamooosa!! hahahhahahahahhahahaaaa….WHAT A MORNING!! hehhehehee….bighanni min kol albo!! that’s the problem, wajja3li batniii…hehheee

  6. 7usam says:

    I will shop it for you, watch it for you, laugh for you then I will just lend it to some friends

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