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I’ve been CURSED!!!

I’m in a very very very bad mood, I know I’ve been complaining a lot lately, and I shouldn’t have, but seriously… things are going really bad, nothing is working the way I want it to be, none of the things I was planning to do got done, and add to that all the crazy stupid things that has been hitting me on the head nonstop!!!I’m totally convinced now that 2007 is the worst year of my life, I thought that 2005 was the worst when I moved to the states, few months later my aunt died, had hard time finding a job, and I really got sick… ETC, but this year… passed AAAAAALLLLLLLLL that.

Let’s start with canceling the vacation I was planning for almost 2 years, and why did I do that??? Because they found out that my grandmother has cancer!! 2 weeks later I got a freakin speeding ticket and an expensive one (I admit I was speeding, but the timing is just … VERY BAAAAAAAAAD)

A week ago I lost my wallet and lost all my credit cards and most importantly my driver’s license!!! That alone is driving me crazy, I don’t care about the cards nor the other stupid stuff, I canceled all that and I’ll replace my DL but the wallet means a lot to me, it was a very precious gift, a birthday gift from my best friend, I got was really emotional about it, I’m praying that who ever finds it will be a good person and either call me or mail it to me, but again.. with my bad luck this year. I doubt it, it will be a miracle.

2 days ago, my computer crashed, my brother got a virus while watching his sports sites trying to find the results for some football game, according to him “walek had dawri abtal ma ba3ref meen” .. WHATEVER!!!!

I was so mad, the freakin computer is not working!!! I called Toshiba to help me find a solution, and you know what was the answer.. FORMAT.

What??? Format!!! No No No No… you have to find another way I have A LOT of things in there, and I don’t have an external hard drive (damn I was suppose to buy last month but I changed my mind at the last minute, now I want to shoot my self), I backed up whatever I can, but still… I have more than 25GB of mp3 songs; I can’t move all those at once without an external hard drive, but any way… I formatted the stupid machine; I’m just so pissed off!!!

Today id best friend’s wedding in Jordan, I was suppose to be there for her, but instead, I’m here… I’m so emotional today, I wish I can be there for you Laila 😦

Do you believe that some years are better than others??? I never thought I would say that in my whole life, but I swear to god that this year is a cursed year on me, I’VE BEEN CURSED.

I have no idea what is gonna be next, I mean we are still in march, so “Allah yestor mn el jay”, but all I know that I’ve had it.. THAT’S IT…. No more.. my cup is full, I feel like I’m gonna explode if one more thing goes wrong.. I can’t take any more curses.. ENOUGH!!!


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  1. sam says:

    u cant get a break ,can u? u know how they say when it rains it pours…well hopefully this is the end of the bad for this year, inshallah…

  2. kinziblogs says:

    Oowww, sweet Mai, this is bad stuff! May the Lord of heaven surround you with His peace from above, and His strong arms carry you above these things. If there are curses, may they be broken in His name. I am still praying for your grandma…and selfishly wishing you could be at this wedding so we could meet you!

  3. Qabbani says:

    OOps 😦
    sorry for that..

    take it easy maioush … o twakali 3ala Allah things well be better , just take it easy and look to positive stuff , keep smile ..

  4. yaser says:

    mesh ra7 akalmek bel english zay kol al comments ,,ra7 akalmek belromani ,,3ashan ma 7ada yefham ghery w gherek ,,soo stai linistita daraga si nu trebuie sa fi asa !! viata frumoasa msi nu trebuie se uite inspate bine ? tot timp uite infata ,,zempeste 3abse :p inshallah tkoni fhemti 3alay 🙂 come on mai ,,ely beshoof ma9ayeb ghero bethoon 3alaeeh ma9aybo ,bedek a7kelek ma9aybe 🙂 ensi kol shi 3ada w tala3i dayman 2odam ,,eza ra7 tami te6ala3i wara ma ra7 te3refi temshi la 2odam ,,so alwayes fakri beli jay w tmani yekoon kwayes ,,w ma fi shi fi haldenya men gher tadbeer ,,ya3ni kol hada allah katbo soo ely beji men allah ya 7ayah allah ..keep thinking like that ..miss u and take care

  5. hamede says:

    Good luck.

  6. Dima says:

    yeeeeeeee!!! that sounds bad, i admit! the lost wallet, and cancelled vacation 😦 that’s baaad!! i believe that some years are better, but thought since i like even numbers the ones with even numbers would be better.. though I guess so far for me it’s the opposite! 😀

    Wish it’ll change, we still didn’t reach the middle, hopefully by the end of this year you’ll be changing your mind 😉

  7. Summer says:

    Cheer up!! wishing you better days ahead of you! nothing , nothing is worth being mad for!! take it easy..
    Hope your grandmother is doing better!

  8. 7aki Fadi says:

    Sorry you are feeling down . It will get better inshallah 🙂

  9. Whosane says:

    Hi maioush. So sorry to hear about all that, but is it the case that you’re looking at the glass half empty? I mean I’m sure there are also some good things that happened to you this year. Maybe some positive thinking is needed here, it’ll take your mind off of things.

    Whenever I get struck by bad things one after the other I just think, thank God it all came at once, it means I won’t have to deal with any accidents later on, i.e. if you got a ticket now, that means you’ll be careful and you won’t get one for the next year or so.

    Sorry, I tried ..

  10. You know Mai? Life is not as easy as it used to be when we were kids. I just wish I could be 10 years old again….

    May god Assist you, don’t despair .. the night is always darkest right before dawn

  11. noura says:

    It is like reading my own thoughts!!
    I know now matter how much we tell you to cheer up: easier said than done !!but beleive it or not, things will get better..and trust me it could have been worse..Take it easy and look on the bright side, you are still blogging and it seems you have a lot of caring people around you..Good luck.

    You have a nice blog!!

  12. Maioush says:

    I totally believe in that saying by now… when it rains, it POURS… and believe you don’t want to know about the updates… it feel like it will never stop… I still have hope it will better by the end of this year.

    Thank you sooooooooo much for your prayers, I really need it, people like you are the ones who keeps me going, keep praying for me, I need it, I really do.

    Thanks for the support, you’re a sweet person…

    Eu am inteles tot ce mi-ai spus. Iubitul meu si voi incerca sa nu ma mai uit inapoi. Si voi zimbi mereu 🙂
    Eu iti multu mesc ca esti un prieten bun. To imi lipseti la fel 😉

    Thank you.. I need it.

    I’ve always loved even numbers as well, walahi ya Dima I’m so mad and I really need a vacation… I hope I’ll change my mind by the end of the year too.

    Thank you very much dear, my grandmother is doing a little better, my mom is taking a good care of her, tanks for asking, you are such a sweet heart.

    7aki Fadi:
    Thank you very much dear, I hope so too.

    You have a point dear, but you know what? When you’re down.. your DOWN, I feel the the cup is not just half empty, I feel like it’s TOTALLY EMPTY, I can’t find a full half to look at, but I guess you are right, it’s coming all at once, at one point your brain gets numb and starts creating morphine by it self.. that’s how I was last night, I hope eit will be better soon.

    You are right, it’s not as easy, I wish I can be a kid too.
    Allah Ye7meek

    Reading your own thoughts? If it was happy thoughts I would be happy for you, I’m sorry you have the same thoughts as me in this post.
    And yeah, you are right, it could have been worse?? Wait a minute!! Worse that this??? Hmm maybe you are right, it could have been worse, and I hope it will be better as you said dear, I am lucky with all the people around me, for the past couple of days I got a lot of support from my friends, I’m really lucky to have them… thanks for stopping by, I’m glad you like my blog

  13. kinziblogs says:

    Mai, you and Yasar speak Romanian?

    (I’ll keep praying, btw….be faithful to God, don’t doubt His goodness even in the dark times)

  14. 7usam says:

    Ya 7aram,,
    wallah i feel sorry for your grandma
    your wallet
    your computer
    and for you
    the most important thing is to hold your self together and don’t crash
    that was the first quarter of 2007 inshallah the rest of the year will be the best ever

  15. afaf says:

    ya setti…allah yej3alha akbar el masayeb, mai….
    bas wallah, life is more than just that…some times life will take u up and others down…take it easy…and…one day u will look at those days and laugh…thinking “what was i thinking to be complaining…”…
    cheer up and always look at the half full of ur cup, not empty…be positive and look at things positively… i bet if u look really hard there at the end of the tunnle u will see a light, not clear but a light will guide u through this tough time, dear…
    allah ye3eenek….and as others said to u…”elee beshoof mesebet 3’roh bethoon 3aleeh mesebtoh”…
    peace to all….

  16. Red Rose says:

    Ma 7a2ulllek cheer up after all this stuff, coz before 3 years I passed in very terrible time similar to this everyday I got back home with bad stories but seriously the next day I determine that it is my day and other new one I’ll make it my day..I showered and took a deep breath washing all gray ideas and I as magic as between day and anight all becomes easy..sweet..colorful without doing any single effort! so your beautiful days are coming and be strong as usual dear.

  17. Isam says:

    take it easy …

    and its UEFA Champions League (Dawree Abtal Oroba) … and yes it is important ,,, but tell ur bro to use 😉

    and i am in the same situation ,,, am just out of luck ,,, but u cant beat me with something ,,, ur in the states ,,, am in good old KS of A …

    and are these toshiba guys stupid ?? some guys can get data u deleted 6 before 6 months and these guys had to format ??? vierd

    and btw … 这不是讲外语、清凉让人感觉愚蠢好吗?

    consider this ur Da Vince Code …

    have a nice day …

  18. bara2 says:

    me tooooooooooooooooo 😦

  19. jumana says:

    wallahi I can imagine how you feel…it is bad…but not the worst thing in the world…
    when I get upset, my dad tells me a sad story about others…that used to piss me off…I discovered later on that he is right…just remember the less fortunate people…just think that alhamdililah you are healthy..and have money to buy food…some people don’t have that luxury

    inshalla things will get better in no time maioush 🙂

  20. yaser says:

    9adamteeni !!!!! hahahahaha jad ma twaka3tha menek ,,enti konti 3ayshe bromania !!wala eshi ! jad enek ra2e3a ,,khaleeke heek ,smile alwayes , 😉

  21. Maioush says:

    Hehehe… he does, I’m still learning 🙂
    He challenged me for it and he knows I won’t let it go without understanding it and answering it back 😉

    7aki Fadi:
    That is one wonderful tag; I promise I will do as soon as I can 🙂

    Thank you so much… and I hope it will be better too, thanks again that was sweet.

    Awal shi 7amdella 3ala salamtek, tezakar ma ten3ad ya rab.
    Second, yeah you are right, I guess I’ll look back to it and laugh (well, I hope so really)
    Thanks for the sweet words dear, you really sweet 🙂

    Red Rose:
    Thanks for the great wish, and thanks for thinking of me as a strong person.
    Inshalla I will pass through this fast. Thanks for the sweet words dear, you are such a a sweet heart.

    UEFA??? Tayeb!!! And he knows that website you told me about, he was looking for something to watch the WHOLE game, which is crazy if you ask me 🙂
    Hope your luck will get better too 🙂
    Lakan 2oltelli dawri abtal oroba 😀 … allah y3awed 3aleakom ya ha shabab LOOOOOOOL.

    Ya 3laye ana, o enti Kaman out of luck.. lah lah sheklo el saneh hadi mesh mazboota 3ala el kol.

    Keefni ma3ak 😉 … lakan shi mfakerni 2aleeleh, ya3ni an abs mshan ma babayen mo ma3naha ma ba3ref LOOOOOOOOOOL
    Thanks for the sweet words Doc. 🙂

  22. yaser says:

    hahahahaha ,,dont thank me plz ,,it is me yaser sho nseete !! just khaleeke cool 3ala ra2i mustafa 😉 w sad2eeni haldenya mo mestahle belmara ,,and u know what i mean ..bekafi eno 3endek 97ab zay alsokara w bekafi kol hal comments ,,jad enhom beln7ato haljar7 beteeb ( bes bedek al9ara7a ! kolo ela aljar7 ,ma 7ada befham feeh adi 😉 hadi shaghleti :p ) any way ely 3endo ma7abet alnas me bedy shi men haldenya kolha ,,

    ai grija de tine 😉

  23. shema says:

    dont be sad maioush “Yamon lak o Yaomon 3aleek” bse6a 2ham eshe t3rfee eno el kol b7bek

  24. Manal says:

    Oh Dear..this happens some times and it doesn’t mean you have been is the way you look at..just forget about being cursed and think can attract what you want and what you are thinking about if you really beleive in..

    My prayers….

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