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Mom.. Today is the Day

When I was little and I cried
You lovingly held me, and let the last tear fall,
When I would scrape my knee
You’d bandage it up and say “be careful”.
When my birthday was horrible, you smiled
And promised the next would be perfect.
When I would lose my temper,
You had a way to calm me down.
When my friends left me behind,
You gave me ice cream and said
“they’ll come around”
When I had a nightmare
You’d tuck me in your bed and
Reassured me you’d never let harm find me.
When it was my graduation day
You threw me a party fit for a princess.
And made it a day I would always remember.
When the love of my life left me alone,
So sweetly you said, “This too shall pass.”
When I broke your heart with disappointment
You came to me and said, “I still love you”.
I know that you think that I forgot all this,
And take all you sacrificed for granted,
But that’s just not true.
At times I’m stubborn, as well as you,
But never doubt for half a second that
I love you.
Although I am growing up and someday soon,
I’ll have to bandage my own knee,
You’ll always be the bet mother.
And I’ll always be your little girl.


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6 Responses

  1. nido says:

    Mai, May God bless your mom and all moms around the world:) today and forever:)

  2. Dima says:

    This one brought me close to tears… it’s amazing the way you expressed it all in words! It’s as if you’re talking about our moms too! A mother, a friend and a supporter.. someone who’d give you self confidence and esteem, be there for you, give you all the strength you need no matter how bad and down you can be! A mom is the one who loves purely and unconditionally..

  3. Red Rose says:

    Nothing to add Mioush..!
    Alla y5allelk yaha and convey her my greeting not only today but everyday.

  4. Qabbani says:

    ye5allelk yaha.. o ye7fazha

  5. Hala says:

    Aw 😦 Lovely.

    Allah ye7fazhom.

  6. hot stuff says:

    omg!! i love that peom!! its so sweet!

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