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مافيش حاجة

This lady is so cool 😀 .. she really cracked me up LOOOOOOOOOOOL 😀

I have no idea what’s her name or who she is, all I know that I just loved this video and I wanted to share it with you 😀

And as she said… howa ento fahmeen haga??? 😀


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9 Responses

  1. Ahmad Foad Nijim Style … Like “El Bita3” poem

  2. jumana says:

    🙂 nice…she is so funny..

  3. Isam says:

    دي الست ايمان البكري ….

    انا عايز بس اقول حاجة …
    دي مصر زمان يا اخوانا كانت حاجة
    اوبرا و مترو و كوزموبوليتان و ميت حاجة
    ثقافة و اهلها مش محتاجين حاجة …
    جت الحاجة و ما جاش بعدها حاجة
    قعدت على الحاجة خلت الناس محتاجة
    ما فاضلش للمساكين ولا حاجة …
    خلاص كوشوا على كل حاجة …
    والشعب اسم الله عليه … و لا حاجة
    قول كلمة الحق متخفش من حاجة …
    احسن ما تبقى في التاريخ … ولا حاجة !!!

    This part was written by me … amazingly

  4. Qabbani says:

    eah Sho mashan ya3ni ???

  5. salam says:

    Hey I’m the one who posted this on IKBIS..I THOUGHT SHE WAS HILARIOUS..

  6. salam says:

    Oh, I see you got it from utube..well wasn’t me!!

  7. afaf says:

    she is so funny…thanx for teh smile u drew on my face today….
    have a great day dear

  8. Hala says:

    Ana mosh fahma 7aga hehehe 🙂

  9. Jano says:

    OMG maiooooooooooo this is really nice 😀 and really great!! loved it!

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