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Necklace… I’m letting you go…


Ok here is the story…

I went to the dental lab to finish some paper work to the pharmacy, I’ve never been to the dental lab before although I’ve been working at the same place for almost a year, any way, I saw my best friend at dental Dr.M and we started talking… all of a sudden some guy jumped up in my face to tell me in a very heavy Arabic accent “Anti Jameela”…

I was thinking in my head “who the hell are you???? And how on earth did you know I speak Arabic???”, but instead I smiled and said “well thank you”

-haza qelada jameela maktoob “Allah”, ana mabsoot b marefatek…

-“ooooooooh so it’s my necklace… taeyb” … thank you sir ::fake smile::

Dr.M: Mai, you speak Arabic very well, maybe you can help him learn it more, he is crazy about your language.

-na’am ana ohebo el alabeya kateeran, o oreed ana ata’alam.

-actually I’m not sure I can do this, “trying to get out of it politely, ana msh na2esni sara7a, roo7 t3alam b3eed dada”

That’s when he started talking back in English…

-let me just show you something please, it won’t take a minute, I know you are busy, but please just a minute

– ok, yeah I guess

People… the guys has bunch of Arabic dictionaries and books… he has an Arabic writing on his desk.. He is a FREAK!!!!

-yeah good for you, but you know I should get going.. I have a lot of work to do, I’ll see you around

-ajal sawfa araki fi el saydali

-“nervous laugh” yeah sure ok

and then he started coming to the pharmacy every 30min, either to talk to me, or to ask me something in Arabic, ALTHOUGH, the lab tech next to us is Egyptian!!! Duuuuuh

Everybody started bugging me about him, I was pretty embarrassed, so I decided to switch with the other tech and went to the hospital side of the pharmacy, but he found his way to me, and kept telling me his life story, and he how started his passion about Arabic, and he looooves the Arabic beauty, while I was busy trying to get my work done, but that didn’t stop him from coming every 15min….

Seriously, I appreciate people who tries to learn new stuff, and I I’m really faltered by the fact that he loves my language.. but man… he is over doing it… er7amni


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3 Responses

  1. afaf says:

    allah….el ragel mu3gab….ya3aniii e2eeeh yeta2 we yemooot feeeha….7aram 3aleeek ya setti….
    that was really hard….using egyptian dialicate……so hard….
    i know some ppl act crazy….but what can u do….

  2. Mohamed Mishkath says:

    mashaa allaah

  3. DALAL says:


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