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Arnold Schwarzenegger… This is NOT Hollywood!!!

Today I’m touching a matter I’ve never thought I would talk about in my whole life…

United states of America has a very serious problem with over crowded prisons, most prisons was built very long time ago to fit 1000 inmates or so, while the truth is they actually 8000 inmates in those prisons.

I know that not a lot of people really care about this issue, but I’ve been watching it all over the news lately, looks like it’s getting a serious problem, that the judge will role on it next June, they are considering to FREE those inmates because they don’t know where to put them any more.

People have 2 different ideologies when it comes to prisons:

1.This is a place to punish them, don’t give them any thing.

2.Fix them, and send them back as better people.

Now in my opinion, drug users, mentally ill people can be fixed, and there is hope for them, but killers, child molesters, and other cases can’t really be fixed, those should stay there to keep the rest of the world safe.

But do you have any ideas what’s actually happing on those prisons? Those people get mixed up in what they call receiving centers, and that causes another huge problem I will not talk about today.

Republicans are saying that they want to clean the streets from all these people, but they are not working on the prisons system at all, all what they want is to get these inmates out of their sight, but they never thought about the over crowding that these prisons are having, and the problems that comes with it, it requires new buildings, new systems all over the systems, medications issues.

Looks like when Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to be the governor for California didn’t really think about the prisons there, or I guess he thought it’s something like what he used to act in Hollywood.


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  1. kinziblogs says:

    Yea, big problem! but I remember when Jerry Brown was governor (see how old I am!) and the problem was the Dems would let the criminals go on technicalities.

    Since all the loonies move to Calif (not you, dear Maioush) I say send em back to where they came from to serve their sentences. 😀

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