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You know what’s your problem? You’re too simple…

That was the last sentence between the 2 of them, and that’s when she got lost between words, she didn’t know what to respond any more, her eyes were full of tears since the beginning of the conversation, is she really being blamed and being mad at because she is too simple and innocent? “People around you know you very well, and they use you for it, and they even use it against you.
What kind of world are we living in?? I thought that being simple, innocent, and down to earth is an advantage in your personality, being honest, and not double faced, all of this suppose to be listed under the good thing in your personality, but instead she is being blamed for it, and she has to work on changing these things in her personality if she wants to survive, and to get people’s trust… wait a minute… people’s trust????
The last time I checked people liked people who are really simple, innocent, and easy to talk to, and now she had been told that people don’t like that any more “she might say something, in an innocent way, and they will use it against her (because they actually did, and if didn’t se in own eyes I wouldn’t even mention it).
Since that conversation ended, she got confused, what should she do now? Should she talk to them? Looks like a bad idea because they don’t like people when they go straight to them and ask, they will deny it.. should she hide that she knows and act like nothing is going on… there is one problem though … she doesn’t know how to do so…

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3 Responses

  1. Dima says:

    I can totally relate to what you’re saying.. hiding something inside for a transparent person might be impossible, as it would all be written on the face and read in the eyes!

    This is an awkward situation, I’d say she should follow her senses,,, and do whatever she feels right at that specific time.

    Being simple and innocent is a bless, though should not be used with all people.. not all people are the same, and some of them needs you to turn to a real monster! You might even get surprised to see the tough you .. for a change 😉

  2. The Observer says:

    I guess she should stay loyal to herself. Being simple is part of her, a quality of her. It doesn’t matter what the others think because being simple means a greater peace of mind and content that only she can feels.

  3. People throw words like that around to undermine the person in front of them, It’s not necessarily true.
    It’s best that a person remains honest with themselves first, and the whole world will adapt!

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