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Did You Ever Love Her?

Was there a part of her that you once embraced?Was there ever a time when your heart reached out to hers and held tightly to it?

Was there never real sentiment there?
Was it only an illusion cast by your pain and insecurities?

Was there ever a time when the thought of you together made you smile?
When “you” warmed your heart with the anticipation and excitement of what was to come?

Did you ever look back with regret once she was gone?
Did you ever wonder what might have been, had you only tried a little harder… waited a little longer… opened yourself a little more?

Did causing her pain ever make you question your decisions?

Did she ever matter in the equation of your life?

Do you understand…?

Do you have a clue…?

As to how she is hurt?

And does that matter to you at all?

She had only her love to offer you.

Only her heart to give.

Not a great scholar or person of wealth.

Only someone who loved you more than they could ever love themselves.

Someone who wasn’t quite enough.

Someone who still stands here, remembering the good, trusting in the person you were… and loving you still.

Someone who is very foolish…

But someone touched by so much love that time and distance seem not to fade it.

Someone who gave you a heart full of compassion and joy…  and who hasn’t been able to claim it back…  and isn’t certain it should be.

Did you ever love her?

Your friends tell her no.

Did you ever love her?

Her heart is calling out for answers… for if you really loved her…

Why did you go?



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6 Responses

  1. Dima says:

    He left because he didn’t love her.. or he didn’t love her enough!
    A guy doesn’t leave if he loves someone.. but if he left this means one thing onlye- he’s not good enough, he’s not worth all the love!

    This is how I see it, and I believe it’s the only way to see it…

    Nice words.. I love this post! very touching !

  2. Red Rose says:

    I have nothing to add here..some certain questions should be left without answers..

  3. hope says:

    I like to beleive that if he can be with you and chooses to leave, then he doesn’t love you. The key word here is “can”.
    If he can’t be with you for any reason, then I guess he can leave and still have loved you. Sometimes, fate interferes, circumstances, luck, there is no such thing as “not love you enough”, you can’t measure love, you either do or don’t, and when you do love, you love a lot.

  4. jumana says:

    I like the post and the comments

  5. Dima says:

    hope.. you CAN measure love!
    Love is just like anything else.. a person can love but his love is not enough to keep him with someone.. so whatever comes his way this ‘love’ wouldn’t be strong enough for them to stay together and face life’s issues!

    You either do or don’t love .. this is not true! You can love but to degrees.. you might think you’re in love and then later on you meet someone new and see a different kind of love that would make you realise that what was earlier is not a complete love..

    And if you love , you love a lot? really!!! How come? This is only in fairy tales… not on earth!

  6. hope says:

    Dima, I think we agree afterall, what isn’t a complete love isn’t love in the first place, it takes a lot of maturity to differentiate between liking someone, beining infatuated with someone, being attracted to someone, andddd actually loving someone. You can’t replace a soulmate once you find him/her. Another thing, not all life’s issues can be faced, you can take my word for that!

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