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Mashawi & Warbat..

leg_of_lamb.jpg I’m posting this from my uncles backyard, the weather is just wonderful, about 68º, we had a wonderful lunch (Mashawi and steaks), my dad requested a very old song for سيد درويش called ما تفوتنيش انا وحدي (and that should put you in a good mood of you like all kinds of music).

we just had great Warbat, and we are having great time 😀 , and Em Fad3ous just reminded me that the only thing that I’m missing is Argeelleh ( (can’t have it, we have pregnant woman people), but it’s ok, I’m still having great time 😀 .

Alright.. catch you guys later 😉


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6 Responses

  1. Qabbani says:


    yallah nice

  2. jumana says:

    inshalla always in a happy mood 🙂

  3. Yum yum ….
    That looks good, must have taken too much time in marination 🙂

  4. hamede says:

    Looking good.

  5. Red Rose says:


  6. Maioush says:


    Thanks you dear you are so sweet

    I don’t know really I didn’t eat 😀 but I guess, after all you are the prof. 😀

    Heheh, I guess so 🙂

    Red Rose:
    3ala albek ya amar 😉

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