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It’s a full moon again….

Tonight is a full moon night 🙂 , I don’t know what’s with me and full moon, it has this magical effect on my mood, even when I’m really down, having a walk on the full moon light would make a huge change on my mood.


For some reason, all the people who knows me well remembers me when ever they see a full moon, I’ve always been the one who makes a big deal every month about it 🙂 , I would call and ask them to go to the nearest window, or step out of the house, to look at it and see how beautiful it looks, moonlight creates an aura of unreality which seems to transport me from the bad mood and liberates my cheerful instinct.

And tonight I had a walk under the full moon light, I haven’t done that in a looooooooong time, I got used to spend the night looking at it from my room window, but tonight, I had a special date with the moon 🙂 , I really miss that, I miss how it used to make me feel, it’s such a wonderful feeling.

maybe it’s a part of my personality that I like things to be clear and complete around me, I’ve always liked to see the complete pictures for everything in my life, and that includes my way of dealing with people, my relationships, and myself as well.

Yeah, I never thought about it before, but I guess that’s who I am, frank, honest, and don’t know how to hide things, and that’s what puts me in trouble most of the time.

Now that brings me the question, is it true that people around us are like the moon phases?? Some of them are totally hiding behind things, you will never see the real then no matter how close you get to them, others are like half moon, you will never see their other half, or as they say “they tell you what they want to tell you and what you want to hear”, and others are a full moon, they are like what we describe as an open book too, you can see a complete picture when you look at them…

Its weird how the moon makes me think….


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  1. Red Rose says:

    I love the full moon,it spreads strange lovely energy..I’ll not comment on how people may look like moon in its birth’s like the butterfly in its birth phases then it is the summit of beauty in both of them..what makes it so lovely one that we miss it ,it shines our nights then disappears slowly and after another dark nights it praises us again with its silver glittering face :0)

    I dedicate one of my post to moon’s one of my favourites

  2. Qabbani says:

    I love the full moon its just GR8

  3. Dima says:

    what a post! I’ve never really paid attention to this.. but from now on and after reading this -I will definitely pay more attention 🙂 the way you talked about how the moon reflect different types of people and the full moon is like an open book .. that was amazing!

  4. And surprise surprise, I took a good shot of the moon tonight 😉

    Mai, you’re a werewolf … admit it!

  5. Maioush says:

    Red Rose:
    Allah 3ala el kalam ya Red Rose.. Your post is just … GREAT.. WOW….
    The you describe things is awesome… you surprise me every time I read something for you ya benti.. you rock MAnal 😀

    Isn’t it?.. 🙂 yall abalki t’3ayyar moodak shwai 😉

    Thank you thank you Dima… enti elli amazing walahi 🙂
    People are like the moon actually, everybody likes full moon but they don’t realize that it’s them preferring the complete and clear picture for things around.

    Post it, send it, or publish it, bedi yahaaaaa…
    Werewolf? 😀 ana? 😀 I thought they hate full moon though 🙂

  6. sosaty says:

    I was staring at the sky & I saw the full moon.
    I remembered our first night spending it together .sitting on the beach holding hands together. The sand was smooth. The sea was so gloomy .but the sky was glowing. The moon was round & bright …
    You wrapped your arms so tight to warm me up coz I was feeling chilly.
    I thought I was dreaming but it was real. I thought I was watching a movie but I wasn’t. that’s why I kept smiling & gazing into your dazzling eyes … coz I couldn’t believe that I’m with you until you noticed that I’m glancing into your amazing hazel eyes .
    My cheeks turned cherry I was so shy.
    So you hold me closer to your chest & whispered in my ears & said baby you are the one who I want to spend my life with coz baby I love you much…
    You gave me a kiss on the cheek… your words still rings in my ears … I just can’t forget that night I wish I was with you tonight …

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