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خدني على بلادي

I’ve never been a morning person, and I hate waking up early in the morning, I’ve always enjoyed staying up all night to do whatever I have to do, back in school days I used to study at night, my classes never started before 11:00am, that was my way of living for a long time.

And because I don’t really sleep at night, I managed to go to work some days without sleeping, or what happens most of the time, I would get 2 hours of sleep, and I usually can go like this for a week (but don’t try to wake me up on Saturday morning.. LOOOOOOOOOL)

On Wednesday, we had an early morning program with the doctors at work, and when I say early I mean we start at 6:00am.

I couldn’t go to sleep that night, although I tried really hard to go to bed around 11:00pm, but instead, I stayed awake until 4:00am doing nothing but staring at the sealing, so I decided to get up from my bed a little earlier, took a shower, dried my hair, hmmmm.. What should I wear??? Ok I’ll go with my gray pants and my off pink jacket (is there such a color called off pink??, well its baby pink but its darker than the regular baby pink 😀 I don’t know what else to call it LOOOOL) , yalla Mai.. coffee, out of the house.

I was really cranky when I got in the car, I’m really sleepy, and for god’s sake… it’s still dark.. and I’m already off to work!!! Tayeb lets see, it’s really early… Fairouz will make my morning go easier as she always does 🙂 …

Nassam 3alaina el hawa, mn mafra2 el wadi.. ya hawa dakhl el hawa khedni 3ala bladi

Fez3aneh ya albi, ekbar be hal ‘3erbeh, o ma ba3refni blady, khedni, khedni 3ala bladi

ya Allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, that’s the last thing I want to hear, great… now my eyes are full of tears.. I really miss Jordan these days, I miss my friends, my relatives, and most of all, I really want to see my Teata 😦 …

Me and myself… (it’s ok I’m a Gemini 😀 don’t worry this is normal LOOOOOL)

-Waleh Mai, pick yourself up and think about something positive, look at the full part of the cup.

-what full cup walek, your cup is almost empty, I can barley see anything, I miss everybody, I need a vacation, I really need one, I was ready for one.

-So??? Things change, deal with it, that’s life, yalla yalla bala dala3, don’t be silly, pray for your grandmother, and pray for your mom to have the strength to deal with all this.

-Yeah.. You’re right “God help us all and give us the strength, the handle all this, and bless my grandmother and give her the strength so she can take the pain”

 I’m not feeling as blue as this post might show, it was just the first 2 hours of that day, everything went just fine, the program went great, and life goes on (Dima, sorry I used your expression dear 🙂 )


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5 Responses

  1. summer says:

    Fairouz should have made you feel better..but that song and the way you feel about everyone and everything back home was really a bad choice to listen to that morning..i hope you had a good day and you slept well!!! Thank God it is the weekend, get as much as you like of sleep and rest..enjoy!

  2. Red Rose says:

    Bel3aks it does not sound like a blue post at all, it’s full of great desire to color what’s around in spite of some few worries..I’ll get back to hear the song later on since it is one of my favorite..hmm (pink with gray..lovely)I like color tricks..wenak ya saiyf 😉 da5lak ya taiyr el werwar 5aberni b7alon shu sar..TC 😉

  3. Qabbani says:

    morning … u seems talking about me ..

    cuz really my cup is empty and i cant see it …

    enjoy ur day Lady

    see ya

  4. nido says:

    I’m glad it turned out to be a good day:) Fairooz songs are always good, no matter what she is singing about! It’s good to be reminded of home by her songs…have a good morning Maioush:)

  5. Maioush says:

    Yeah it was a bad luck to hear it that morning, I really miss everybody, I was prepared mentally and emotionally for vacation, I guess I have to wait another year

    Red Rose:
    Don’t I love your comments girl 🙂 , you know for me now, I don’t consider the post complete until I see your comment on it… your great 🙂

    Look at the full part of the cup my friend 🙂

    Firouz and her songs are my morning addiction, and that song outs me in a great mood,
    She has this angelic voice.. ya salam ya salam 🙂

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