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To love or to be loved…

Are you scared of giving? Or are you willing to give love? And if you are the second kind, do you love someone to make that person happy or to make yourself happy? Do you prefer to love or do you prefer to be loved? Is love selfish after all? Or are we doing it for the fear of rejection? Hhmmm.. Why am I asking all these weird questions???

When you love someone you are actually satisfying yourself first, you are making yourself happy by giving that person your love, care, and attention, and at the same time the other person is happy by allowing you to love him/her. (What a weird statement I came up with)!!!

Now, what about the people who prefer to be loved? Are they willing to give that love, care and attention as well? Or do they like to be the center of attention all the time? Are they really happy with all the love the person is giving?

Sometimes the way someone shows love is not what makes their partner feel loved. For example, one person may show love by looking after their partner’s practical needs, when what the partner longs for is a hug and tender words. So you can be the best person you can be and still not enough.

Are giving all the love we have to the one we love because we are afraid of rejection? But rejection is painless, unless you make it hurt. (oh my god another weird statement) What if you stopped giving the same way you do at some point for whatever reason? Are you going to lose that person? So this is a matter of security as well?  ….

Wait a minute… am I over analyzing things here? AAAHHHH I don’t know where is this going… What am I talking about? Where was I in the first place? Ah, to love or to be loved…

Let me try this… Why can’t it be both? What’s wrong with the fact that you can actually love and be loved at the same time?? That’s it… That’s what I’m looking for… To Love AND To Be Loved

You can’t give so much love to someone unless that someone loves you back, that’s what relationships are about, to love and to be loved back, the feeling is so fulfilling, it is satisfying.
To love and be loved is magical, real, and it is one of the happiest feelings in the world.

You can’t separate it, you can’t take each one individual and think about it like that, you can’t choose.

you have to love AND be loved not OR…

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10 Responses

  1. nido says:

    The heart that loves is always young, just like a child…always asking for more, and simple things would bring joy to his/her life!! If you teach the kid to give, while growing in love…his/her life becomes complete:) As for me, I like to love and to be told I am loved! It’s as simple and as difficult as that:) I enjoyed reading;)

  2. ola says:

    In the long run both kinds of unrequieted love proved to be a bugger… but you know, it’s nice to know that someone has sweet feelings for you, or to have those feelings for someone

  3. Abed Hamdan says:

    yeah, It’s good to have feelings, both to love and be loved…but to a certain level…too much love has a counter effect

  4. Red Rose says:

    I agree, it should be shared feeling between the couple.

  5. Maioush says:

    Can we really teach kids that? Can we teach them to share love the same way we tell them to share toys? If that’s the case, then its easy, but isn’t it that we don’t tell them to love, we show them that we love them and they manage to grow loving people and able to love?… ya rabbi I’m asking a lot lately instead of trying to discuss any matter, I don’t know why jad.

    As I see it, to love someone is nothing, to be loved from someone that’s something, but to love the one is everything.. I have no idea where did I hear that or when.. but believe me honey having the feeling by it self is not as sweet as you think…

    Abed Hamdan:
    so are we suppose to control our love as well now, and when do u know that its too much?

    Red Rose:
    After all the mind twisting that’s what I got out with.. both have the ability to give and take… isn’t that life after all…

  6. Qabbani says:

    well , what should u do , if it’s not easy to give love TO ANY ONE , and u see that many many ppl love u .. u even dont really now well , .. and some LOVE u deep

  7. Abed Hamdan says:

    you know when its too much … wallah mani daari…bas ajarreb ba7keelek…

    o yes, zai ma be2ool el masal “en kaan 7abeebak 3asal matel7asoosh kollo”

  8. Maioush says:

    Teyeb Abed… thats in the matter of taking and i totally agree withthat “en kaan 7abeebak 3asal matel7asoosh kollo” .. what about giving? can you give every thing you can and still not enough? or os there sucha thing as TOO MUCH giving? hadi bedha jawab ya my friend….

  9. Dima says:

    there’s nothing that can make a person happy more than loving a person who DESERVES your love.. meaning loving someone who’s willing to give back, no matter how (some people have strange ways in showing their love), all ways should be appreciated!

  10. Jano says:

    mai.. i have a lot of talks with you 😦
    we really should talk soon.. im sorry i dont have time with this job i have.. but inshallah we will have talk soon.. sa7ebtek makleh hawa 😀 hint: dima sa7ebtna lol

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