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Speeding Ticket!!!

Remember when I told you that I drive 110mph? I wasn’t lying because this morning I got caught, but this time it was 84mph.I don’t know what is it about February, all I know that I always hated it, and this year I got the proof for it.

I was late for work because the traffic was VERY BAD on the freeway, well… its Friday and it’s been always like that on Fridays.

So… after I passed 605, freeway as wide open and since I was already late I didn’t hesitate to speed so I can catch up with the time I wasted while I was stuck, after passing number of cares, I got surprised with a cop driving right next to me with his lights on, asking me to pull over.

  • You were driving waaaaaaay so fast Miss.
  • I’m sorry I didn’t notice my speed. (Zai elli 3an jad).
  • Licenses and registration please.
  • (In my head) “Ya mesta3jel 3attalak Allah”, sure sir (kolli adab 3ala asas).
  • You have to learn how to slow down Miss “Mai is it?”
  • Sorry sir but this my first ticket ever, I don’t usually speed. (Ma akzabniii).
  • Well, you were going too fast, and you will get a ticket for that, here is your copy of it, and you have to go to court if you want to fight on this date.
  • (wala fight it wala bateekh), ok thank you can I go now?
  • Sure, make sure to put your seatbelt and merge when its safe
  • Ok

Aaakkkhhh, I am so pissed off, I know I know, some people are saying in their head now “I told you so”, ” I told you not to speed”, “you deserve it, I have no sympathy for you”, Tayeb Tayeb, ok I know all that, I get paying a HUGE amount of money is enough punishment.

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  1. kinziblogs says:

    Heh, heh, Mai, you don’t mess with the CHP! Especially Fridays, yee, they are swarming to make the ticket quota (or maybe that was abolished since i lived there). Interesting how he seemed to know you are a habitual speeder, mish?

    THIS is what would save the Jordanian economy and force people to drive like Californians (I’m joking, God help us all!). Pricey tickets, given out consistently.

    Sorry Mai, I AM sympathizing…but the worst part for me is you weren’t wearing a seatbelt. Honey, habiibti, you DIE crashing at 84 (110) mph without a seatbelt. Come on, we want to see you blogging, listen to you rant about a husband and babies some day…put that belt on, yella. 😀

  2. Qabbani says:

    Yallah , next time Speed , put don’t make them catch u …. ; )

    o Allah be3awdek … and BTW how’s things going on, now ?

  3. afaf says:

    just curious…how much is the speed ticket?? just in case i get caught..i drive fast too….so fast, that myson asks me to slow down and asks me to use the low way (local roads, instead of hiway)….
    u should never speed, as i keep telling my self, cuz it is dangeous and ur auto insurance will fly rocket high i guess….
    allah be3awed inshallah, dear and buckle up….
    btw i nothiced that in ca they r more strict than any other place in usa, now i do things i never dared to do in ca….weird….

  4. Maioush says:

    You are absolutely right; they are swarming to make the ticket quota, it’s the end of the month, and that never change.
    And I was wearing my seatbelt honey don’t worry, I’m a speeder but not crazy 😀 … I took it out while looking for my registration papers. I’ll be around for a while 😀 , that was one expensive lesson…

    No more speeding khalas, not until I clear this point, I don’t want my insurance to go hoppa high, and things are still the same, I’m feeling better now that I accepted what happened, allah be3een… thank you very much for asking.

    Walahi ya afaf it’s too much, it depends on what area you got caught, I got caught in an expensive area for my bad luck, so people around me are expecting $700 to $1000, Aaaakkkhh I hate California, it’s so expensive, don’t ever speed in CA honey, as you said they are more strict in here, and thank god that this my first ticket ever, so my insurance will not go up this time, but to tell the truth, I’ll watch out from now on, I can’t afford another ticket and an expensive insurance, toooooooobeh.

  5. I don’t want to say .. I told you so …

    The important thing is that you’re safe and sound …

  6. Maioush says:

    “The important thing is that you’re safe and sound …” thank you very much dear, i aooreciate it that u didn’t say “i told u so” cuz el ticket 2alat kol shi la7alha …
    allah ye7meek…

  7. afaf says:

    yeah mai, be donot speed up for ur own safety, cuz alot of accidents, allah yeb3edha 3an el jamee3, happen for other crazy drivers on the roads, even if u drive safely. my dad used to say “u r the only sane person on the roads and the rest r crazy…see it this way”….
    takecare and be safe, plz

  8. abu_shakuush says:

    belmal wala bel 3eal = good thing it only cost money 🙂

  9. im fadaouz says:

    yikes, 84mph. that will be an expensive ticket plus the boring traffic school. well, from now on i guess you’ll start watching out for cops at the 60 and 605 intersection.

    just a word of advise, make sure they don’t catch you at the carpool lane by yourself because they now increased the fine from $300 to $1100. i see cops intermittently now at the 57fwy.

    please be careful next time. it’s better to arrive late for work than suffer the consequence of a traffic violation or much worse an accident.

  10. Maioush says:

    bs mshan hal kelmeteen el 7elween walahi I’ll try to be safe 😀 you’re such a sweetheart

    Abu shakuush:
    Yeah 3ala 2ooltak bel mal wala bel 3yal.. bs ana mn youmha sakhanet, its an expensive one

    im fadaouz:
    yeah pretty boring school and a lot of money “don’t tell abu fadouz, el mokhtar doesn’t know yet.. ops”
    I’ll watch out from now on and until 3 years, I want to keep my record clean, I’m a good girl walahi… that will not happen again I promise 🙂

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