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Finding Peace, Inner peace…

Knowing one’s self, both the good and the bad, and understanding none of us are perfect, and allowing for and forgiving yourself for shortcomings.

An acceptance of things as they are, and accepting the inability to change another person.

No matter how badly you want to, you don’t have that power.

The ability to treat each individual as an equal and a unique person.

Not doing so denigrates the self and God.

Letting go of being your own worst critic.

The ability to ignore the taunts and barbs of others.

It only shows that which they lack in themselves.

Loving the people in your life fully and wholly… Without restraints or limits.

Can it be love any other way?

Accepting that some days are going to hurt.

And some days will be hard to find value in, but it’s there if we can open up to it.

Finding beauty and pleasure in the small things.

A flower unexpectedly given or seen.

A walk on the beach or under the trees.

The stars shining at night.

If we can’t find pleasure in the small things… the larger ones, will also escape us.

Loving others.

It’s a sure sign of peace with ourselves.

How can we truly love someone else if we can’t find that which is lovable in ourselves?

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  1. kinziblogs says:

    Mai, what are you reading these days to inspire such posts? Sounds like the Bible!

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