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عاد إلى قواعده سالما

YES my dad is back.. I’m so happy… 😀

He got home last night at 12:30am, once I opened the door and he hugged me like he hasn’t seen me for years and years

-keefek Mai ya amoora?

– (big smile) el 7amdolla meshta2alak kteeeeeeeeer, enta keef 7alak?

I don’t know why but for some reason when it comes to my dad I feel like a 6 years old kid 🙂 , wow… I missed that feeling for the past 4 weeks, he was so happy that he is finally home, and he was looking at every thing like he is looking at it for the first time.

My mom prepared A LOT of food before she left, we were eating chicken at 1:00am, oh my god it was crazy, I’ve never done it before, he was telling us all these stories about Jordan, how cold it is, how prices are going up like crazy, but he enjoyed his trip to the limit.

He opened the bags right a way to give us all the stuff he got for us, and I was so surprised when I found some of my old toys in there 😀 , he brought some of the toys I used to have in my room in Jordan… “Babaaaaaaaa… this is great Thaaaaank youuuuuuu”

Today I was so happy when I woke up at his voice playing with my little brother Hashem 😀 .. they were chasing each other because Baba stole his toy that he just got for him, and Hashem was trying to get it from him LOOOOOOOOOL.

As a welcome from my mom, she invited my uncle’s family over lunch, OH MY GOD, she cooked a lot of food, it was soooooooooooooooooo good, my mom is the best cook in this world, I wish I can cook 1% of her recipes as good as she does.

We were laughing like crazy while we were eating when my dad was telling us all these funny stories about what he used to do to my uncles while playing “Tarneeb”, and about the new generation that I haven’t met yet, my dad was like “there is a lot of new kids in the family and I don’t even know them, they all look alike and it took me forever to memories their names” LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

After lunch, my mom made some fresh coffee that my dad brought with him, YUMMY, smells like heaven on earth, and with some “ba2lawa” ya salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam… 🙂

I’m really happy today, the house is back to normal 🙂 .. as mama said “seed el beat 3ad ela qawa3edehe saleman” 😀

Welcome back Baba

Mama … I know you will read this as you always do… I LOVE YOU WALAHI 😀


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13 Responses

  1. حمدلله على السلامة.. و عقبال الفرحة الكبرى

  2. Qabbani says:

    7amdellah 3ala Salamto : ) o mabrook al toys

  3. Red Rose says:

    7amdila 3al salameh 3ammmo 🙂 this post is shiny ,glittering one ..and full of happiness..inshalla dayman 0 3la toul to be spread at your lovely home.

    “some “ba2lawa” ya salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam…”
    Noooooooo..this is one of my favourite sweet ever..May I tell you a secret..If we like to have walking around sometimes I buoght Ballurieyeh!! 3adi nos kilo la 2awsal el beit bekun tar ;)it’s better than ice cream or nuts!

    PS. what about your diet friend? 🙂

    Enjoy to the limit and greetings to all ..your mum the greatest cooker,hashem (ma t3azeb o5tok) Bassil “don’t forget to bring shawerma to the airport with you in April” Dad ..7amdilla 3asalmtak again 😉

  4. loolt says:

    7amdilla 3ala salamto!

    u made me smile reading this bubbly post of yours 😀

  5. aya says:

    7amdela 3la slamto:D i miss my daddy 2 !

  6. nido says:

    that was a very happy post:) inshallah you’ll always be happy, and may God bless you all, happy family forever;)

  7. Maioush says:

    Qwaider: allah ysalem 3omrak thank you dear, bs sho el far7a el kobra :D? jawaznah o meshi el 7al o 3endo wlad bejanenno zaina 😀 LOOOOOOOOOL
    Qabbani: allah ysalamk thank you 😀
    Red Rose: allah yes3ed albek ya rab, el balooreyeh is my favorite too, bs ya bent 3an jad eash bel monasaneh la el diet, ana mbare7 akalet wa7deh o dameeri waja3ni ba2i el nhar, amma nos kilo!!!! smala 3aleaki, had ma3naha bedi anam bel gym 😀 LOOOOOOOOOOOL… lama anzel 3ala amman 3ala el shawerma o el aklat el taybeh (m3 enno mafi atyab mn akel mama) bs bte3rafi be2adeeha el wa7ed yla2wet mn hoon o hoon alaho a3lam ho yseer 😀
    Laila: allah ysalmek 7abeebti, thnak you very much, o inshalla tdalli mebtresmeh 3ala tool :), i’m glad you like it 😀
    Aya: allah ysalmek ya amar.. o allah yraje3 babaki bel salameh ya rab 🙂
    Nido: god bless you too dear, you are very sweet, i’m glad it made you feel happy as i was 🙂 god bless you family and loved ones always 🙂

  8. afaf says:

    el 7amdellah 3ala salamtoo we inshalla bedeeemoh foo2 raskom dayman we yefra7 feekom…..

  9. Maioush says:

    allah yes3ed albek ma azkaki ya afaf, o y5aleelek 7babek o ydeemhom 7awaleeki dayman ya rab 🙂

  10. معلش .. خليه يتنّي :)من نفسو… صح؟ اسأليه 🙂 بالله مو نفسو؟

  11. Maioush says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOL, ya sadeeqi howi elli 3endo wa7deh ya doobak mla7e2 3aleaha.. bedak yah ytanni? 😀 bokra benshoofak sho bedak tsawi, entia jeeb wa7deh ba3dean bnes2alak eza bedak etanni wella la2 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL :D, ma enta 3ala el 2oola mo mestarji 😀

  12. afaf says:

    my husband used to say when they mentioned a second wife…”i can hardly afford one wife….is there a chance to have only half of a wife????” i used to think…why?? am i that bad…then i realized he was just kidding and teasing me…..
    el rejalah…..marat bekoon leehom aman wallah…..
    yeah samer….ur turn now….

  13. hamede says:

    Alhamdu llah 3ala al salamah.

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