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In our memories.. Feb.7.1999

I kow its a little too late for this, but the reason why is because I wasn’t planing to post about it, it makes me really sad to remember Feb 7th.1999 .. It was “The Death of King Hussein of Jordan”

After months of treatment for lymph cancer, the cause of death was heart failure, said senior palace officials who were with the king when his heart stopped beating.

The 63-year-old King – the Middle East’s longest-serving leader and one of the region’s great peace-makers – had returned home to die on a Friday when doctors in the United States said they could do no more for him.

This is for the memory of king Hussein’s death…



















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10 Responses

  1. nido says:

    It was a really sad day…nice pictures! thank you maioush…

  2. Qabbani says:

    yeah , it was a sad day .. i cant forget it …

    allah yer7amo

  3. afaf says:

    from my experience since i lost mom for same disease, or any cancer, it would be the end of it heart failure, cuz simply, cancer gets in the blood stream and then replaces the red blood cells with oxygen, and that keeps on going for days, then since organs r not getting enough blood, they start shutting off one by one due to lack of oxygen, and finally the heart doesnot get enough of it, so it simply stops beating…..sad and tragic and torturing…..
    just a scientific note…one of the doctors told me that cancer patients will end up dying from cancer or complication due to cancer….so harsh i think….
    sorry for the long comment but felt like explaining it why….
    peace and inshalla allah beb3ed el marad 3an el kul….

  4. Maioush says:

    nido: yes, indeed… He was a great leader.
    Qabbani: can’t forget it either.
    afaf: I know, I lost both my grandfather and my aunt for cancer, my grandfather (bone cancer) end up having UT failure and died from blood poisoning, and my aunt (brain cancer) died because of heart failure… I hate this disease, allah ye7mi el jamee3

  5. afaf says:

    May allah bless their souls and rest in peace and be merciful on all our beloved ones. amen….

  6. Maioush says:

    amen ya rab el 3alemeen

  7. red rose says:

    I couldn’t forget the heavy rain at that day as the sky cried him..all loved you said friend “In Our Memories” Alla Yer7amo..

  8. lara says:

    he was a father to us, he was my hero. he was every thing, we love you soooo much, and we’ll never forget you. peace be on you. one of my dreams was to meet you my king and to hold me like for ever. i just love you. and no words can tell what you still mean to me.

  9. abeer says:

    he was our beloved father king and leader and he was the person that you can feel pease in his face…. loved him and he will stay in our hearts and minds really no body can forget that sad day the sky was raining in silance …… sadness …. love …. all the feeling in that day was obvious fo the whole world

  10. Al-Shoubaki says:

    wat shall i add!?? after sky cried upon tht day, turning point in our hearts nd souls…
    all the achievements & sacrifices tht was witnessed 2 lead us 2 wot we r 2day??
    after the yrz ov inner-visuality and self-determining & steam, we r wot we r now becoz ov tht messege he carried nd woked on??

    He is a man ov peace, a brave warrior, defender of degnity and messenger of hope.

    He is simply my greatest idol.

    “He is” becoz he never died, He is inside living in our memories, fighting 4 our rights nd teaching us wot is life nd how it’s worth living.

    He is king Hussein

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