Dance like no one is watching, Blog like no one is reading

Small Details…

Do you ever feel forgotten?

Like no one in the world cares?

Are there times when it seems not a solitary person is there when you need them?

Do you feel, more than anything else, a longing to be hugged and told that it will get better?

Do you ever wonder why bad things always happen to you?

Do you ask your self what did you do to deserve this?

Look around you.

Look all around you.

See the small details of every day life

It’s God’s way of saying

“I am with you always”

Ellie.. hang in there, things will get better, you will be fine.

You did what had to be done, things will change soon,we all love you, we are there for you, and most importantly..

God is there for you…


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2 Responses

  1. Qabbani says:

    This is a part of my Q’s list…

    but yes Allah with you ,

  2. Dima says:

    Really nice words.. you know, i believe there are certain words when read in bad moments, they can make a big difference and cheer you up 😀

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