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Accident, NASEEB, and a phone call

Where should I start, I have a lot in mind… I have so many thing i want to yalk about…

Let me start from last night… my brother’s friend had an accident right in front of our house at 1:30am, he was dropping my brother when a huge speeding car came from no where and hit the poor guy really hard, they had to tow the car, its nothing but a piece of junk right now, we were scared to death, thank god they made it alive, they are both fine, it was a crazy night. 

So I didn’t sleep last night, I haven’t been sleeping for while, I don’t usually sleep that much, in some how, I can go through my day fully energized with 3 or 4 hours of sleep, I’ve been like this for years, 3 hours of sleep a night for weeks is totally fine for me, but this week I was really tiered, and I really want to sleep, but I can’t.

 After being in a bad mood for the night, I got a phone call from my dad telling me that there is a 90% chance for me to cancel my trip to Jordan in March… what? But why? Ok we’ll talk about this later. Now that put me in a really bad mood… 

Later on, my friend stopped by to take me with her to the pharmacy, she needs to get her daughters some meds, they both have cold, fever, coughing, poor babies, they are sick.On the way, she told me a story about a friend of ours, she got divorce FOR THE SECOND TIME, and when I asked why? The answer was  


And that’s when I blew up 

-What??? NAEESB??? What are you talking about?? she had some concerns about this guys even before marrying him, and later, she divorces him for the same reasonss she had problem with?????? this is not NASEEB, THIS IS STUPID, this is another BAD CHOICE she made, and you are telling me NASEEB

-Mai, every thing in our life is Naseeb, god only know what’s going to happen to us. 

-What on earth are you talking about? Naseeb is when someone dies, when someone gets cancer, when something happens out of your control, not when you make bad choices and you treat your self by saying Naseeb!!! She had issues with the guy before marrying him, and when I asked her why she is going to do. Her answer was so simple “I will try to change him when we get married, some men are like that”… what??? You don’t marry someone because you think he will change!! How can I love someone and want to marry him and at the same time think about changing him??? Seriously!!! 

_Ok, why are you so mad? Calm down. 

-You know what. I want to go home. 

We went back home, I had a friend of mine waiting for me over there, picked her up, and went to another friend’s house to have some hookah since it’s Saturday and we are all off the next day. 

I got a phone call from a friend, and OH MY GOD, girls can be extremely silly, every 2 minutes they would disturb my call by doing STUPID things, I don’t understand, why are you doing this again? What are you trying to show exactly? You don’t really miss me that you can’t wait for me to finish my phone call, and you don’t act like that usually, so what’s that???

Any way, I had to finish my call in an impolite way which made me really mad, surprisingly I controlled my self from getting mad at them, because I’ve never been good at getting mad at people, I don’t know why, I guess that’s just me. 

I tried to have some fun, the hookah is just delicious, and the music is on, the girls were saying jokes all the time, I actually had fun.

I called my friend later on to apologies for the stupid incident, I hate doing that to people, it’s just weird, and I’m not used to it. 

I’m done with my crazy talk… I hope tomorrow will be a better day.


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8 Responses

  1. Red Rose says:

    Inshalla it would be better day after all of that.
    Totally I agree on Naseeb point,, choices are clear and we decide this or that, so no one enforced us to do this or that. It’s pity to branded every bad decision to shame3et El Naseeb…it does not work like that. Have a nice day Maioush.

  2. summer says:

    Maioush…there are good days and bad days…hope your good days outnumber your bad ones….glad you had fun with the girls and the hookah.
    as for the Naseeb talk, i will not get into this…because Naseeb is usually a word that is associated with marriage than any other thing in this life…even with bad choices and we know that they are bad, if it happens then it is Naseeb…have a great Sunday!

  3. MQabbani says:

    yeah me too hope to morrow is better ….

    about Naseed is a skiq … if she had a gr8 life she say i make and did my best to keep it ALIVE …

    i hate ppl think like that …

  4. Maioush says:

    Red Rose: thank you very much dear, I got really upset when she started talking about marriage as “QESMEH O NASEEB” and she was totally convinced that it has nothing to do with bad choices… I believe in Naseeb, but nit in this matter, when you have a choice, it’s not Naseeb any more.
    Summer: thank you very much dear, and yes I agree with you, when ever it’s a bad choice, we start sympathize for ourselves and say it’s Naseeb.
    Qabbani: yeah me too, but you know what, people are not alike.

  5. nido says:

    hope you have a calmer day tomorrow:) what you said is true about naseeb, I mean, it’s wrong to apply naseeb on her story but I believe that when you marry someone, thinking that he is the perfect one for you, and later on you realize you have done the biggest mistake in your life, then this is “naseeb”. and that’s why Im convinced in calling marriage a “batteekha” 😉

  6. Maioush says:

    Bateekha… that can be true in some how 😀 , you won’t know if its red or white until you open it… That’s a funny way to describe it but it works I guess LOOOOOOOL

  7. nido says:

    there you go;) hehe

  8. Maioush says:

    LOOOOOOOOL.. you are so sweet dear 😀

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