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جت بظروفها

A new single for Ehab Tawfeeq (جت بظروفها).

I’ve heard this song few months a go but I totally forgot about it, until yesterday I was playing with my video collection and I found it again, so I uploaded it to share it with everybody.

What I like about this song is that its different than the regular Ehab Tawfeeq, in other words (الأغنية دمها خفيف), especially for a movie.

I haven’t seen the movie, and not planning to LOL, I just like the song.

And yeah, one more thing, I LOVE Menna Salaby’s haircut and color in this song, I’m thinking about cutting it the same style, what do u think? I guess I’ll do it, I’ve always preferred shorter hair. 🙂

Enjoy the song.

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10 Responses

  1. Duuuudeh!!! This is your first Video post … Wallahi I’m impressive!
    (for someone who’s been on this thing for a week!)

    Lovely song

  2. Maioush says:

    u didn’t tell me what u think about the haircut and color? 😉

  3. Qabbani says:

    meen be3’ani ? 3afawn

  4. Menna says:

    mai, don’t u think u showing urself how fadya are u?? wa7da wheya betl3ab la2et song…law mnk aksef , la2 waska mn nafsek awe w7ataha in an article, walahy eli e7’tasho mato
    and menna shalaby u wanna have her sha3r cut?? what about everything else at Menna? u can’t get it baby…. 7’liki wak3ya because i think the hair is the only thing u can control and change in it, wb3deen her hair was brown not darkkkkkkkkkkk black
    mai i know sometimes i’m really mean to you but i still i love u 7abebty mwahhhhhhhh, u and my older bro are the only 2 poeple i love to bother mwah@ u

  5. Maioush says:

    Qabbani: man.. rakkez, i said EHAB TAWFEEQ 🙂 weslat wella bel ma3la2a LOOOOL
    Menna: whats wrong with u ya bent??? malek 3alai… la o ba3d kol had bet2ooli mwah!! ana 3arfeh ana albi tayeb mshan heak enti btesta’3elli tebet albi.. 7sabi ma3ek ba3dean 🙂

  6. funky says:

    loooove the sooongg

  7. 7ala says:

    I love this song maioush , its very nice …
    w I love menna shalaby .. jd sha6rah 🙂

  8. laith says:

    how can i download gat bizroofha?

  9. Maioush says:

    i’ll email u the vedio cuz i’m the one who downloded it on youtube laith

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