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Just Because

Just because you search,

doesn’t mean you’re lost.

Just because you question,

doesn’t mean you doubt.

Just because you rethink a situation,

doesn’t mean it didn’t work.

Just because you are quiet,

doesn’t mean you’re unhappy.

Just because there are clouds,

doesn’t mean the sun isn’t there.

Just because there’s rain,

doesn’t mean a rainbow won’t appear.

Just because you’re friends,

doesn’t mean there won’t

be disagreements.

Just because you need quiet,

doesn’t mean you want to be


Just because it’s love,

doesn’t mean it isn’t work.


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2 Responses

  1. hApPybrighTbAoBaO says:

    MAiOooooooOoOoOOOOooo………this poem i like….!!…’s very true……because a lot of people question these kind of questions…..i mean sometimes you ask them or you ask yourself what is the meaning that they ask you this…….example:…..what is said in the poem….”your quiet doesn’t mean your lonely”……..i gotta give you an A+++++++++++++++++++ for this stuff…..just like greso your friend said….very meaningful…….^^…catch ya later MaIoOoOooOoOOOOoooo……………….

  2. -BigUpUrSelf- says:

    really ! its a very nice word .. very meaningful
    thanx 😀

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